Peak Design Micro Clutch (L-Plate)


Peak Design has created a first-of-its-kind strap that is designed for smaller mirrorless cameras. The strap secures around the edge of your camera and allows you to hook your fingers in it for a more secure hold of your camera. The design has all the benefits of Peak Design’s regular DSLR clutch strap but has been reinvented to offer the same level of support to smaller camera models.

I was excited to test out the Micro Clutch having never seen a strap like this designed for smaller camera models. We were sent the L-Plate version, which is designed, as the name suggests, for L-shaped cameras with a more pronounced hand grip. The Micro Clutch comes with everything you would need to attach the strap to your camera. The metal base screws into the bottom of your camera with the strap connecting at the top.

I will say it can be a little fiddly to attach but once it was on the clutch fit well. If you are looking to buy the Micro Clutch, be sure to check it is compatible with your model as the fit is quite tight so there is little wiggle room if it's not designed for your specific camera. However, the Micro Clutch has been designed with a wide variety of camera makes in mind so should fit most people’s smaller mirrorless cameras. Additionally, should you want to attach your camera to a tripod, you simply just use the included tripod plate, which is compatible with Capture V3, PD Tripods and third-party Arca setups.

I took my camera with the Micro Clutch attached with me whilst getting some images for some work projects around my town and I liked the extra secure feeling I had over my camera. Whilst it took me a little getting used to as my grip on the camera was a little different than what I’m used to, it allowed me to still have complete use of my camera and remained largely out of the way. A big part of this is the super low-profile design which uses the aluminium bar to conceal the attachment tool and ensures that you keep a sleek and seamless design to your camera for ease of use.

If you are looking for more control and stability when holding and shooting with smaller cameras, then the Micro Clutch might be perfect for you. The small strap is minimal and helps give a little more security, without feeling as cumbersome as a larger neck or shoulder strap sometimes does. Therefore, if you take your smaller mirrorless camera with you on the go a lot and are looking to step up your set-up a little, then the Micro Clutch is a great choice for yourself or as a present for those photography enthusiasts in your life.


  • Sleek and minimalist design for easy use
  • Secure strap with concealed mount
  • Provides extra protection when using your camera


  • The Micro Clutch can be a little fiddly to attach and must be compatible with your camera to ensure a secure fit – be sure to check out the I-Plate Micro Clutch for different models