Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap


When carrying your expensive camera you want to know that it is safely strapped to you and is not going to fall or get damaged whilst you’re out and about shooting. Therefore, having a versatile strap which you can wear on your shoulder, around your next or even as a sling is essential for taking your camera with you on the go.

Peak Design’s Slide Lite Camera Strap is a great choice that is designed to provide maximum security to your camera, whilst remaining subtle and low profile. I was thrilled when the Slide Lite came across my desk as I’ve been on the hunt for a new camera strap for a while, but none seem to have superior stability without being too bulky.

The Slide Lite has been optimized to suit mirrorless and light DSLR cameras with the seat-belt style material strap which is designed for smooth gliding across your body and helping you to manoeuvre your camera about with ease. I loved that the strap can be extended up to 57 inches perfect for carrying your camera using the strap as a sling across your body. Other camera straps I have used are rarely long enough to sit comfortably over you as a sling, but the dual quick adjusters on the strap mean you can extend it easily and slip it over you. However, should you want it to carry your camera around your neck or just over your shoulder then with the same quick adapters you can reduce the size down to 37 inches. The strap even has a grippy silicone side which is great for keeping the strap stable and secure on your shoulder.

To attach the strap to your camera it just takes a few simple steps and you’re ready to use it. The box comes with anchor connectors which you just attach to your camera and then attach to your strap. The box also comes with an anchor mount and hex wrench should you need it for an even more low-profile attachment, and a helpful microfibre pouch for storage. The strap is designed to hold up to 90kg of weight, so is suitable for just about any pro setup you may have and thanks to the low-profile attachment it will never get in the way of your shot.

Overall, the feel, stability, and security that the Slide Lite Camera Strap provides makes it the perfect addition to any camera. With universal anchor links, the Slide Lite is perfect for all photography enthusiasts’ camera-carrying needs, and its sleek and minimalist design adds a nice seamless look to your set-up. Also, with Peak Design you know you are supporting a sustainable company which is 1% for the Planet and uses recycled materials throughout its creation of great camera and device accessories.


  • Versatile and adjustable strap for shoulder, neck and across-body carrying
  • Universal anchor links and 90kg weight design for easy application to most camera models
  • Minimalist design that does not get in the way of shots


  • If you store your camera in a bag the strap may not fit as easily as the adjusters do add an extra bit of bulk to the strap