Peak Design Stand Wallet


Having your cards safely stored on the back of your device is super convenient - especially if you don’t have Apple or Google Pay set up on your phone. Therefore, Peak Design’s Stand Wallet is perfect for those who always want their cards close to their phone in a secure and easy-to-attach wallet. However, what makes the Stand Wallet special is that it also doubles as a phone stand perfect for propping your phone up to scroll or watch videos on.

We got sent over the Stand Wallet in a lovely dark green colour which looked good and felt durable made from 100% recycled nylon canvas. The complete unit is quite heavy as it has a large magnet in the back, however once on your phone, it doesn’t add too much weight. The wallet can fit up to 7 cards which is perfect for always keeping bank cards and loyalty cards on hand. The slim design ensured that even with the wallet securely magnetized to the back of my case it didn’t take up much space and could still easily fit into my pocket.

The Stand Wallet uses Peak Design’s SlimLink™ magnetic connection, which allows the stand to be compatible with the other products available in the Peak Design ecosystem. We were also sent the Everyday Case by Peak Design and the Stand Wallet seamlessly clicked onto the back of the case using the magnetic connection. This is great because even if you don’t have a phone which supports a magnetic or MagSafe connection yet, you can still experience the convenience of the Stand Wallet by purchasing a case by Peak Design too. However, the Stand Wallet is compatible with most magnetic connections and MagSafe phone models.

My only concern is with the magnetic flap on the Stand Wallet which keeps the cards in and protected. I personally found it felt a little flimsy when closing. Whilst I don’t think this is a giant issue, for the price I would have expected it to be a little higher in quality. However, as a cardholder and stand which has the convenience of being on the back of your phone, it was still functional and made a great addition.

Overall, if you are looking for a minimalist solution to keep your phone and wallet all in one place, Peak Design’s Stand Wallet is a good accessory. It can work with a range of phone models, and, even if your device doesn’t have a magnetic connection built-in, the range of cases at Peak Design will always be compatible.


  • Minimalist and thin design
  • Compatible with MagSafe devices and Peak Design cases
  • Heavy but not bulky


  • Some aspects are not the highest in quality