Phantom 2

Planning a game of golf? Want to know exactly where to go and how to strategise? GPS devices for golfing can show you the layout of the courses near you, as well as giving you the precise distances for different holes, helping you to prepare, train and mark your personal progress as a player.

The Phantom 2 from Bushnell Golf is one such device. This Golf GPS comes preloaded with over 38,000 courses from around the world! According to Golf Monthly in 2019, the world has just under 40,000 courses, and according to the National Golf [CB1] Foundation, there’s just under 39,000, so that gives you a clear idea of how comprehensive this device’s library is! If you can play there, the chances are, the Phantom 2 has it.

This device offers more than a mere map of your course. As well as giving you the exact distance between holes, it can list up to six hazards per hole. It also calculates the distance of your last shot, automatically advances from hole to hole without you needing to do anything, and can even automatically find the course that you’re at when you arrive. Using the accompanying app, you can even track and store your rounds, allowing you to review your statistics and analyze your game.

What I like about the Phantom 2 is that Bushnell haven’t just thought about making the data and features useful – the physical act of using it has been considered, too. For example, the font is large and easy to read, and the screen is extremely easy to navigate, making it quick and easy to use for everyone. Additionally, the screen has been designed to be transflective, meaning it has an LCD screen with a layer that reflects light, making it easy to read even when you’re in bright sunlight. Its designers thought about how you would be using the Phantom 2 – it can be clipped to your belt or bag to make it more convenient to use when walking the course.  Most importantly of all, as this is intended for outdoor use, the Phantom 2 is not only water resistant, but waterproof, with an impressive IPX rating of IPX 7.

Whilst it isn’t cheap, the Phantom 2 is more than a golfing accessory – it's a training tool, and a piece of kit that supports your sport alongside your clubs. Out of all the golfing gizmos we’ve seen at Gadget Head, this is one of those that has the most practical, clear use – especially if you want to be able to plan your game around concentrated training and practice.


Has almost every golf course in the world pre-loaded
Auto-finds the course you’re at
Shows distances between holes
Shows hazards around holes
Calculates shot distance
Keeps record of scores & stats
Clear to see – even in daylight
Easy to navigate

Black and orange Phantom 2 laying on the grass, displaying a course map