Photo Creator My First Instant Camera


The Photo Creator My First Instant Camera allows you to see the world through the eyes of your child, as they capture, add effects, print, and customize their shots just as they imagined them. With over 90 stickers and an easy interface, the instant camera is a great way of letting your kids experiment with photography in a fun and accessible way.

The entire set is designed to make taking pictures and making them your own super easy. The box contains the blue instant camera, 4 paper printing rolls, a 90+ sticker sheet, 4 markers, a USB charging cable, and a wrist strap. To set up the camera, a young child would likely need the help of an adult to charge and input both an SD card and the printing paper roll. However, once set up the interface is super easy to flick through, allowing you to choose from frames, effects, video, and image quality. Then your child can print out their favourite images and use the markers and stickers to customize them.

The camera does not use ink to save on the need to replace cartridges, but this does mean that all images are in black and white through inkless printing. I personally loved the look of the black and white images, and I think they provide a great blank canvas for kids to explore their creativity with the stickers and markers. The 4 paper printing rolls allow for 250 photos to be printed, which is plenty for young creative minds. Also, the images can be transferred from the camera to a computer using the provided USB cord meaning your kids' view of the world can be safely stored for them. I think this would be great for taking on trips with your kids so they can keep their own record of the day.

Overall, I really liked the design of the camera which has intuitive buttons and comes with a wrist strap to avoid drops. If you are looking for a new and fun toy for your kids, especially for those who are starting to show an interest in taking pictures, the Photo Creator My First Camera is a great choice!


  • Quick and easy printing on demand
  • Allows young minds to explore their creativity
  • Frames, 90+ stickers, and markers for customization 


  • Does not come with an SD card to extend the camera memory
  • Once the paper rolls run out, more will need to be purchased from Photo Creator – however, this is the same for most instant print cameras