Popmaster Special Edition Board Game


Get ready to put your chart music knowledge to the test with the Popmaster Board game, based on the beloved game from Ken Bruce’s national radio show. The Popmaster board game gives you everything you love about the radio game but now you can take on the challenge and see how you’d do on the real show!

The board game works in a very similar way to how the game show works; there are a range of regular questions, bonus questions and then the famed 3-in-10 final round. The game allows up to four people or 4 teams to compete. Each player or team places their counter on the starting point on the board. The regular cards are shuffled and placed in a pile question side up, the same is done with the bonus questions cards with the theme face up. Each player or team is dealt 2 bonus question cards showing the theme which they have to choose between. This card is then passed to the player or team on the left to ask them during the bonus question rounds. The question tracker is placed next to question 1, and each team are given tokens with A, B or C on them ready for the questions – then you are ready to play.

To play one person reads out the question card which has multiple-choice answers. Each team or player chooses the answer and places that letter token face down. Once everyone has done this you flip them over, and the correct answer is revealed. Correct answers gain 1 point and can move their counter 1 space up the board. Repeat this will all regular questions. Questions 2,6 and 9 are bonus questions and are read by the team which they have passed their card to on the left. These are unique to each team and there is the option of 3 multiple-choice answers. However, should the team choose not to use the multiple-choice options they can gain 2 points for every correct answer, but for every correct answer with the multiple-choice options you gain 1 point and move forward just one space.

The two teams with the most points at the end of these questions go through to the final head-to-head 3-in-10 round.  Each team takes a sheet from the provided 3-in-10 answer pad and will need a pen for the final round. Another player who is not in the final round picks a 3-in-1 question for the group and then scans the QR code on the card using their phone. This will take them through to Ken Bruce reading out a 3-in-10 question, where, as the name suggests, the team has to name 3 UK single chart hits for a specific artist or group. To make it a little easier to score and play the game gives you a range of 10 options and you have to pick three correct hits. Once the question is asked 10 seconds will begin to count down on the screen and each team will write down their answers. The correct answers are then revealed on the screen, and the team with the most correct answers win. However, if you don’t have access to the internet there are a selection of 3-in-10 cards in the box which allow you to still play in a similar way.

Overall, if you love Popmaster and want to see how you’d fare on the radio show game then this is the perfect game for you. This would be perfect for bringing out this festive season to play with all the family with a range of songs from a wide spectrum of genres and years. I loved playing this with my family at a recent gathering and I know this would make a great game to bring out this Christmas.


  • Easy to play and set up
  • Includes QR codes to have your final round question read out by Ken Bruce himself
  • Allows you to try your hand at the famed game show


  • You do need a phone and internet connection to take advantage of the questions from Ken Bruce in the final round – However, the game is still playable without it