QDOS HYBRID Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S24+ 5G


QDOS phone cases are known for their superior quality, great drop protection and focus on sustainability throughout their designs and packaging. With the introduction of QDOS’ new Samsung Galaxy S24 range, the focus on sustainability has never been more evident having boosted the recycled content within the line and tied it all up in completely recyclable packaging.

On first impressions, you’d be forgiven for thinking the case was just a regular clear case that you could get anywhere. Instead, QDOS has taken this popular minimalist design and transformed it to pack a punch in terms of phone protection. The flexible TPU frame is designed with air cushions and a raised edge to absorb falls of up to 2 metres and protect the screen and cameras from damage. The backing of the case is made from a rigid polycarbonate which has a scratch-resistant and anti-yellowing coating so you know your phone and its case will always be protected and look pristine.  

The case is made from 83% recycled materials, which shows the company’s commitment to producing great phone accessories that protect your device, whilst also protecting the planet. QDOS has committed to using a minimum of 50% certified recycled content in its product lines going forward, with all its cases already being Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. Even with these sustainable aspects, the cases are still designed for convenience with easy-press button covers and wireless charging compatibility built in for ease of use.

Overall, the QDOS HYBRID for Samsung Galaxy S24+ 5G phone case looks great, is supported by great sustainable commitments, and ensures that your device is always kept protected. If you are on the hunt for a minimalist case which won’t turn yellow or end up covered in scratches in just a few weeks, then the QDOS HYBRID case is the one for you.


  • Scratch resistant and anti-yellow agent for long-lasting transparency
  • 2metre drop protection and raised edges to keep your screen and lenses safe
  • Supports sustainable initiatives by QDOS


  • It is a very simple case – I’d like to see some more fun and interesting colourway options with the same levels of protection and sustainability soon!