QuietOn 3  



 Like many people over these hot summer months, I have really struggled to get to sleep. Especially when you have no choice but to leave the window open, which ultimately leads to the sound of busy traffic flowing into my room and disrupting my peaceful rest. That’s why when QuietOn sent us a set of their latest earbuds, the QuietOn3, I could not wait to see if I could finally drift off with ease. 

Thankfully, the QuietOn earbuds did not disappoint! I was able to drift off in minutes. What is also so good about them, is the fact that you can hardly feel them in your ear when you are lying on the pillow, leaving them completely unnoticeable. This is really important to me as I need maximum comfort, and other earplugs are too uncomfortable to wear throughout the night. QuietOn earbuds, however, have a really nice feel, with soft foam inserts that cleverly mold to your ear and fit like a glove whilst simultaneously blocking out all the noisy traffic and a snoring partner. 

The success of QuietOn noise cancellation can be heard far and wide, as the company has delivered over 85,000 units across 15 countries, since its establishment in 2015. Therefore, I have great faith that the product would deliver on its promise of peaceful slumber, equivalent to “Nordic Quietude”. This is very much the case, as the comfort and noise cancellation make me think I’m asleep in a log cabin next to a wood-burning stove, rather than in a bustling city centre.  

It must also be said that the design of the earbuds is very sleek and almost futuristic. The small size also adds to its unnoticeable aspect, allowing you to look your best whilst in quiet slumber. The packaging that is provided is also very nicely designed and easy to use. It has a charging point in the case, which means that you can never worry about them running low, and it also means the active noise cancellation is always working at its best. The robust case that it comes with correlates to its technological efficiency as earbuds and may as well be a fluffy white cloud carrying you off to sleep.  

Overall, I am really pleased with the earbuds as they allow me to be super productive at work, due to my uninterrupted and comfy beauty sleep, washing those eyebags away! Furthermore, if your annoying co-workers are chatting too loud you can also take the earbuds to work and subtly block out the background noise, allowing you to get back to all those emails in peace!  



Efficient noise cancellation  

Long life battery and easy charging  

Really comfortable  

Ensure a good night's sleep  


The best is never cheap!