Rockit Rechargeable Baby Rocker


There’s nothing worse than when your little one has just gotten to sleep, and you think you can stop rocking the stroller, but as soon as you do, they’re wide awake and crying. Rockit took this very common experience and made the Rockit Rechargeable Baby Rocker that keeps the stroller rocking, and your little one asleep – all without you spending their entire nap rocking the stroller yourself!

Straight out of the box I was impressed with the Baby Rocker’s design. The baby rocker comes in a rocket shape, which is sleek and minimalist in design – perfect for easy use and without too many complex controls. The top of the rocket shape has an on/off button, and the dial on the base allows you to adjust the vibration to suit your baby’s preference. To use you simply attach the Rockit Baby Rocker to your stroller using the universally compatible bracket. The bracket easily clips to the Baby Rocker and allows you to tighten it to your stroller handle or sidebar which twists to tighten for a perfect fit.

I was impressed with the range of vibration levels the rocker provides to mimic anything from the feeling of the stroller being hand-rocked to providing just a gentle vibration like that of the stroller being moved on the pavement. This variation allows you to find the best vibration level for your stroller size and for your little ones’ preferences. These vibrations have a 60 min cycle perfect for allowing you some free time away from rocking your child whilst still keeping them asleep.

What makes the upgraded Baby Rocker better is that it is now rechargeable so no more worrying about batteries dying suddenly when you need the Rockit Baby Rocker the most! The Baby Rocker comes with a small USB charging cable so you can charge it ready for being out and about. This makes it perfect for bringing with you for meals out or whilst visiting friends or family, so you always have a little help in keeping your little ones asleep. This would be perfect for the festive period when you’re either travelling or spending lots of time away from home so you can move around knowing you have this nifty aid to help your child get their much-needed rest no matter the location.

This would make a great gift for any parents who frequently are stuck gently rocking their stroller to keep their little one asleep. This will give them way more freedom to spend time with loved ones knowing their child is happily sleeping without them needing to constantly be rocking them.


  • Universally compatible with any stroller type
  • Gives parents more freedom knowing their child is sleeping
  • Rechargeable for taking with you on the go


  • The charging cable is a little short which makes recharging a little inconvenient