STM Goods BagPack


I’m the worst for overpacking and leaving very little space for some essentials such as a bag to take with me on the go every day once I get to my destination. Therefore, I was super excited to hear about STM Goods’ BagPack which provides the functionality of a traditional rucksack without the additional bulk and added weight in your luggage. 

When the STM Goods BagPack arrived across my desk I was very intrigued, as it's not like anything I’ve seen before. The bag, which is in a light brown coffee colour, came compact in its collapsed form. By unzipping the side, a full-size rucksack is revealed. The rucksack, as you might expect, is not as sturdy as a traditional rucksack, however, this is thanks to the foldable quality of the bag which is designed when not in use to be stored in the rucksack’s own front pocket. The rucksack is surprisingly tough, despite its foldability, thanks to the nylon material which not only is designed to be durable but waterproof.

The design of the backpack is great, especially for those who love travelling, by providing a lightweight and compact rucksack which can be easily slipped into your luggage or carry-on, and then unfolded and used to store your essentials and even your laptop whilst out and about. For your laptop, the rucksack comes with an inflatable laptop pocket. The pocket can be inflated to provide a protective sleeve for a laptop of up to 16 inches and deflated when not carrying a laptop for convenient and customizable protection.

I took the rucksack with me on a recent trip to the Peak District and found the lightweight design great for carrying some water and a small picnic for me and some friends to eat once we’d reached the halfway point of our hike. As you can expect being in the UK, the weather couldn’t possibly remain dry the entire way but thankfully the water-resistant material ensured that our sandwiches and snacks remained dry. Overall, I was very happy with the rucksack which delivered everything I needed for my trip and was lightweight on my shoulders the whole way.

I think the BagPack would be a great option if you are going travelling and will need a rucksack for some days as it is lightweight and easy to use but can easily be folded away into a compact pouch when not in use to save on luggage space. My only complaint is that currently there are not a ton of colour options, with only black or coffee colourways currently available. This is great for a minimalist look, but I’d love to see some more brightly coloured or patterned options to suit a whole range of styles.

If you are on the hunt for a new lightweight, easy-to-pack, and functional rucksack which can still protect a laptop, then the STM GOODs’ BagPack is a great choice for you.


  • Compact and lightweight rucksack
  • Completely collapsible into the front pocket for easy storage
  • Has an inflatable laptop section for added protection


  • Not a wide variety of colour options – I’d like to see some more fun and funky colours and patterns to suit everyone’s style