STM Goods REAWAKEN Phone Case for iPhone 15 Plus


The world can be so chaotic sometimes that we forget to take a moment to centre ourselves and just breathe. So where better than on your phone case, which is almost always with you, to have a grooved pattern to trace with your finger to find a moment of peace?

STM Goods’ FOCUS range brings a collection of phone cases which are designed to help us take a minute for ourselves and slow down for a moment of mindful meditation. The grooves in the REAWAKEN case are perfect for tracing your fingers across for immediate tactile feedback.

I personally loved the look and feel of this case. The clear shell has ‘self-healing’ technology to keep your case looking great by cutting down on scratches.  The clear case means you can still see the back of your phone and is built to support your iPhone’s MagSafe connection. The contours are satisfying to trace and remind me of the mindful activity of drawing patterns in the sand to refocus your mind.

Overall, the case is such a simple idea but is really quite effective in helping you take a moment to yourself to focus your mind. I can definitely see myself keeping this on my phone as it looks great, protects your phone well and also provides a mindful activity to do on your commute, your break or whenever you reach for your phone to bring moments of peace every day.


  • Great look and protection
  • Carefully designed contours for mindfulness moments
  • Supports MagSafe connections


  • For the price point it is on the higher end of the scale for a phone case