STM Goods RELAX Phone Case for iPhone 15 Plus


In such a fast-paced world where the news and social media can be a big stressor, STM Goods has created a range of phone cases designed to help us re-centre and take a moment in the present moment to relax. This is where the RELAX phone case comes in. Build with mesmerising sand within the case, you can take a breather and watch as the sand flows through the case.

Using FOCUSCAPE™ fluid technology the RELAX phone case has white particles which move throughout the lower half of the case. The case felt soft and smooth in a clear design with the white sand and white MagSafe design on the back. The case also comes in black with black sand to suit your preferred aesthetic and phone colour. I really liked the sand design as it does allow you to take a second to be in the present moment, something I think a lot of us struggle to do in a world that is very go! go! go!

The case uses clearshell plating which is a ‘self-healing’ technology to significantly cut down on the number of scratches and keep the case looking and functioning well. In terms of protection, the case is constructed from high-clarity polycarbonate and impact-absorbing TPU. These are designed to give your phone great protection, and along with the raised bezel edging will protect your phone and cameras from impact.

If you are searching for a new case which is a little bit different, then this is a great choice for you. I love the anxiety-reducing and relaxing purpose behind the case, and it looked great on my phone. For the price, I wouldn’t say it is an essential but if you are willing to invest in a case that is both aesthetically pleasing, has decent protection claims and promotes a mindful relaxing quality then this might just be worth it for you.


  • Great protection for your phone
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing in clear and white to match white or silver iPhone 15s
  • Promotes mindfulness to take a restful break when the world gets a little too chaotic


  • Expensive price point for a phone case