STM Goods REVEAL Phone Case for iPhone 15 Plus


Designed as part of STM Goods’ iPhone 15 FOCUS collection, the Reveal case will give you a peek into a secret world on the back of your phone as you gently warm the reactive film with your hand. The purpose of the collection is to give you a break from the stressful world we live in and take a moment of mindfulness to recentre yourself.

I was super excited to test out the reveal phone case as the reactive back sounded like a lot of fun. The case initially looks black with a shiny backing and only a tiny hit of a pattern however with heat the film reveals a glowing blue intricate pattern/world.

The case looks stylish and sleek with soft corners and a thin feel to easily store in your pocket. In addition, like the other cases in the range, it boasts the same high-clarity polycarbonate and impact-absorbing TPU. This is to make sure your phone has great protection, and along with the raised bezel edging, it will protect your phone and cameras from impact.

My only slight issue with the case is that I found it very difficult to make the reactive film work and show up on the case. Maybe I just had very cold hands or didn’t hold it for long enough, but I found the heat-reactive film took a lot longer than expected to show the image.

Overall, the heat-reactive phone case makes a great change from the other cases I’ve seen on the market. You can be sure that by choosing a case by STM Goods you are getting great phone protection and shock absorption. And - as long as you have a particularly warm hands or keep your phone in a pocket close to you - the backing, once reacted, does look great!


  • Sturdy phone case with great protection
  • The case looks sleek with and without activating the film backing
  • Allows you to escape reality and focus your mind on the little world in your case


  • I personally didn’t find the reactive film on the back was quick to reveal the image to just the touch on a hand – I found it needed more warmth but maybe I just have very cold hands!