Scandiborn Little Dutch Wooden Tool Workbench


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Included in the Little Dutch Wooden Tool Workbench is all any young budding handyman or woman could want. The whole workbench looks great and has 55 different parts – perfect for your little ones to pretend to be working hard in their workshop hammering, sawing, and measuring away.

Every single part of the Workbench is made of plywood and MDF and is painted with child-friendly water-based paint. Therefore, in buying the workbench you can be sure that it is made of great material and is safe for your child as they explore the various parts and wooden tools in the set. I loved how all the parts are in muted colours and made of smooth wood. This makes a great change to the usual plastic sets that so often are made for children. The Little Dutch Wooden Tool Workbench looks stylish and would make a great addition to any child’s playroom.

I loved that the workbench comes with so many different parts which can be put together and allow your child to really delve into their imagination through free play. Included in the set are nuts, bolts, screws, panels, wheels, and a range of essential tools including a hammer, saw, screwdriver, leveller, ruler, and wrench. Of course, every single aspect of the set is smooth and cannot cause any harm, however, it will let little ones feel like they’re involved when they see DIY going on at home.

This would make an incredible gift for your little one this Christmas, especially if they’re constantly following workmen around the house. The style, quality of every piece and range of tools make this a top-quality piece of play equipment for any child. Choose from other complementary toys at Scandiborn this Christmas.


  • All wooden childsafe construction and items
  • Range of parts perfect for a whole range of play activities
  • Feels top quality, especially compared to plastic alternatives


  • Lots of pieces could easily be lost or misplaced throughout play