Sea to Summit X Pot Kettle

From £36.00

In my experiences of camping, there is nothing better than a nice cup of tea at the end of the day around the campfire. I often get impatient however having to set up a Trangia stove, then getting the pans set up and water boiling… Ultimately becoming an affair that takes about twenty minutes when it can happen in thirty seconds at home. 

And yet, the Sea to Summit X Pot Kettle brings the convenience of the kitchen to the open campfire. It comes as part of Trekitt’s successful campfire range, providing a reliable source of camping and mountaineering equipment, with a fantastic range of brands and deals. Similar to many of the products they stock, the Sea to Summit makes cooking around the fire just that little bit easier. This is mainly because the X Pot Kettle is much lighter and less clunky than the usual pots that come with a Trangia and yet does effectively the same thing in a much more efficient way. As one of Trekitt’s best-selling products, it is highly regarded:

“The great thing about this kettle is that it collapses down to a tiny 35 mm. It also doubles up as a pot to store food for two people. We think it’s a brilliant gadget for campers.” Lorna Preston, Trekitt.

The compact nature of the kettle makes it very easy to carry and pack inside your already stuffed bag. It is also a lot less bulky since it is made from thick silicone that folds up. The silicone sits on an aluminium base that is made in such a way that the flame never touches the rubber when placed on the Trangia, making it extra safe. On the off chance that the flame does creep up, however, the silicone is heat resistant and incredibly easy to clean, making it the perfect cooking companion to place on your camping stove.

Unlike many pots and pans, the X Pot Kettle comes with sturdy plastic handles, I personally really like this feature, because I hate having to touch a seaming metal lid which is difficult. However, with the X Pot handles, you can carry around the pot with ease, whether it is needed for cleaning, cooking, or taking a quick shower. Although the pot handles were the perfect size for me, I have relatively small hands so someone with bigger hands may struggle, as the handles are made to fit around the circumference of the pot. Another thing to be wary of is that the lid, although very durable, needs a good push to get it on safely. Obviously, pushing down on a collapsible silicone pot full of boiling water may become a bit of a problem, so you have to be careful with the lid.

The kettle is good for transporting small bits of equipment, as it can hold two of Sea to Summit’s X Cups, however, I personally think it could be improved by including the mugs with the X Pot as a package since it fits in perfectly. Plus, the silicone strap would be perfect to keep it all wrapped together.

The kettle comes in both 1.3 L and 2.2 L, therefore, depending on what you use it for, the larger X Pot could easily cook a big batch of pasta, plus due to its sealable glass it is very efficient at keeping the heat in. Alternatively, I found that the smaller one was sufficient to make two good steaming cups of coffee on the frosty camp morning!! 

4/5 stars 


- Compact so easy to pack.

- Easy transportation due to handles

- Light and less clunky than pans

- Comes in a variety of sizes and colours.


- Pot handles are on the small side.

- Must be delicate with the lid.

- Could include the X Cups.