Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with Built-In StainStriker EX200UK


As the family gathers this festive season there is always the chance that a drink will get dropped or some food with sadly land on your carpets or rugs. However, the accidental drop of wine no longer has to send everyone into a frenzy to try and stop a stain from setting in with the Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner.

The Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with Built-in StainStriker is the perfect pairing for any gathering as it doubles as both a carpet cleaner and a hand-held stain eliminator to ensure your carpets or rugs are super clean. With the CarpetXpert should an accident happen the handheld stain remover is ready to quickly clean and remove stains without the need for pre-treatments.

The CarpetXpert claims to clean 8X deeper than a regular vacuum and includes a range of cleaning tools to perfect for removing odour and leaving your carpets and rugs super clean. I got a new rug last year and have never used a carpet cleaner on it, so I put the CarpetXpert to the test and was horrified by how dirty my rug had become but was also thrilled with how great the CarpetXpert worked.

The CarpetXpert works by delivering powerful suction to extract dirt and liquid to leave your carpets clean and revived. The CarpetXpert comes with a starter kit of the CarpetXpert and Deep Clean Pro solution, as well as a StainStriker Oxy Multiplier solution. The CarpetXpert and Deep Clean Pro formula removes layers of dirt and grime, and this is what I used to give my rug a whole new life.

The StainStiker Oxy Multiplier formula is designed to lift and extract suborn stains and odours. Now this is where the handheld attachment comes in which pre-mixes the formula and delivers powerful stain removal possibilities. This was great when I accidentally knocked over some fruit juice onto the carpet. With the handheld attachment I could easily treat the spot, remove all the liquid, and ensure there was no odour left. This is going to be a game changer when my family visits this Christmas as so often food, drink or some mud ends up on the carpet and now with the CarpetXpert I know that I will never have to worry about a stain again!


  • Delivers 8x deeper clean than a regular vacuum
  • No pretreatment is required to rejuvenate and tackle tough stains
  • Easy to use and flexible handheld attachment


  • Only includes a start kit of the two cleaning formulas so more will need to be purchased