Shark Ninja Cordless Stick Vacuum HZ500UUKT


Love it or hate it, the hoovering is something we all must face. For me, hoovering usually consists of trying to heave the thing around the sofa, whilst annoyingly always managing to pull the plug out the wall. The Shark Ninja Cordless Vacuum, however, promises a more blissful hoovering experience for the many of us out there that struggle with our domestic goddess duties.

Firstly, the fact that this particular vacuum is cordless is a big plus, as it means that you can easily glide around your living room like an elegant figure skater. This is further helped by the fact it is very lightweight, so instead of developing back ache, I can instead feel a sense of accomplishment from easily finishing my chores. The lightweight and cordless feature also allows the vacuum to be used anywhere around the house, as not only can you use it on your floors, but it is also good for all the awkward places like the stairs or even getting all the crumbs out of the car. This is specially made easier by the fact that it folds up so it can fit in all the nooks and crannies of your home, whilst also allowing it to be free-standing!

Although I must admit that for me, one of the best features is the anti-hair wrap feature. This makes my hoovering endeavours so much easier, as, between my own long hair and the pesky hairs of my pets, vacuuming can be an incessant chore. However, with Shark Ninja Cordless, the big balls of hair that usually congeal in the power head are no longer a problem, as the anti-hair wrap means that the vacuum is effectively self-cleaning, which makes hoovering my carpets ten times more enjoyable.

On the topic of hair, I did find when hoovering my carpet that the Shark Hoover filled up quicker than others I’ve used and had a smaller capacity, which meant I had to empty it more often. On the other hand though, this hoover is designed to be versatile, light and easy to quickly glide around the house with rather than a hard industrial load of carpets!

Another really intriguing feature, that comes alongside the cordless factor, is the very versatile charging point that it offers. This means that you can charge it anywhere around the house and keep it neatly tucked away. Therefore, both the charging point and the vacuum’s slim structure means that it can be wall mounted and efficiently out of the way, rather than taking up half the cupboard. Additionally, its futuristic little gadget display at the top lets you know how much battery is left, so the power doesn’t completely cut out on you mid-hoover.

When it arrived it very handily had a quick start guide on the inside of the lid, which provides simple instructions on how to set it up, making it really easy and quick to use. (Meaning you don’t have to mess around with nozzles and plugs.) This is no surprise since Shark is such a well-established household item brand, thus being able to use their extended knowledge to make a fantastic product. Overall, I would highly recommend this product as it changes the game, due to the fact that hoovering is no longer an arduous chore, but a lightweight dance around the house.



- Lightweight

- Cordless

- Long run time

- Foldable and Free Standing


- has a smaller capacity compared to other vacuums.