Shark StainStriker Pet Stain and Spot Cleaner PX200UKT


If you have pets, you know the all too familiar site of muddy footprints across your carpets – especially in the winter months. This is where the Shark StainStiker Pet Stain and Spot Cleaner is about to become your best friend; this lightweight and portable little unit is perfect for tackling these little stains and helping keep your carpet, car, and sofas clean.

The StainStriker Pet has been designed by Shark to tackle stubborn stains by instantly removing them and any associated odours with 20x more stain-striking power than other spot cleaners.  The handheld device works using the two active formulas of the CarpetXpert which removes ground in dirt and grime, whilst the StainStriker targets and lifts the stubborn stains at the source. It does this through a powerful suction which carefully saturates the surface just enough to remove the stain and then powerfully removes all the dirt and liquid through its suction. This leaves your carpet, upholstery, stairs, sofa etc. dry and clean almost instantly.

To make the job easier the StainStriker Pet comes with a trapping tool and a hose-cleaning tool to help you get into those difficult-to-reach spots such as in the car or on the stairs. I tested out the StainStriker in my carpet to tackle some muddy footprints left by my dog after her walk, and I was impressed firstly with how lightweight and easy it was to manoeuvre, and secondly with how quickly the footprints disappeared. It did not leave any weird residue or leave my carpet damp where the solutions had been used, and within minutes I was walking around my house looking for any tiny stain to see the StainStriker's powerful cleaning abilities in action!

If you have pets or know someone who is constantly cleaning up after their pets, the Shark StainStriker is the perfect gift to save them from worrying about potential stains. I found it to be a game changer when it comes to small stains and know this would make a great tool for anyone who has pets or loves to keep their houses clean and tidy with ease.


  • Lightweight and portable unit
  • Excellent stain spot treatment
  • Perfect if you have pets to clean your house or car with


  • Comes with 1 of each of the CarpetXpert and StainStriker solutions so you would need to repurchase more when they run out