Shark Stratos Anti Hair Wrap Plus Anti-Odour Upright Vacuum [NZ860UK]

RRP: £399.99

Shark is once again coming up with fresh and innovative ideas of how to make your chores just that little bit easier. The latest Stratos Vacuum showcases some of the best Anti-Hair Wrap technology yet! This is brilliant for the big annual Spring clean, making your home hairless and fresh with a simple sweep around the house.

Similar to many Shark Vacuums, they possess lots of fantastic features which ensure that not a speck of dust is left. I found that the advanced Anti-Hair Wrap was incredibly effective. As I have long hair, and a dog, the highly developed anti-hair wrap technology is really put to the test. However, I found it to pick up the range of hair lengths with ease.

The Stratos Upright Vacuum is great as it is free-standing, which I love, as you don’t have to try and balance it somewhere when moving things out of way (we all know the struggle). It’s upright structure also makes it a lot more robust. Unlike other models, this particular Stratos isn’t cordless. However, I think I prefer this for a couple of reasons: firstly, I found that the vacuum is in fact more powerful than the cordless range, which is a major plus if you are to get every spec of dirt out of the carpet (or hard floors – it’s suitable for both). Number 2; although it has a cord, it is very lightweight, making it easier and less tiring to hoover, meaning that you can spend longer in the Spring sunshine!

Furthermore, the Shark Stratos stands out from other corded vacuums as the main base is lightweight and portable, allowing you to lift the hoover comfortably. This works by easily detaching the vacuum from the main base, unlike many other vacuums, it is also really clear where it reattaches. This means that the Stratos is not just for the floor, but also great for reaching those pesky cobwebs up in the corner of the room that you keep meaning to get, or getting right in behind the sofa.

Another development in the latest Stratos is the anti-odour technology. Everyone is familiar with the old vacuum smell that haunts the cleaning cupboard, and yet, the Stratos is specially designed with a cartridge system that you can easily replace, to stop the vacuum from developing dust cup odours, (causing the haunting smell) making the hoovering an even more pleasant experience!


- Very powerful.

- Effective Anti-Hair Wrap.

- Picks up the finest of pet hair.

- Free-standing and upright.

- Anti-odour technology.

- Portable.



- Has a small capacity so it has to be emptied regularly.