Skullcandy Acid Snow Camo Kilo™ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Get ready to bring the music with you wherever you go with Skullcandy’s latest launch of the Kilo™ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker now in its 20th-anniversary Acid Snow Camo colourways!

We got to test out the meta mauve colourway which features a purple two-tone tiger print pattern and acid green accents. The bright and fun colours remind us of the snowboarding roots which started the company all those years ago. Now celebrating two decades of supreme noise quality, Skullcandy give us the Kilo Bluetooth Speaker perfect for throwing in your bag to bring the tunes wherever you go!

Upon opening the box, I was impressed by its size because the unit is compact and portable, as well as super fun to look at in the purple and green colourway. Like many speakers from Skullcandy, all you need to do is turn it on, pair it with your device and you’re ready to go. Despite its compact size, the sound output of the speaker was impressive – but that’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from Skullcandy as the company’s first and foremost passion is providing a great audio experience.

A big perk of the Kilo is that it is designed to be clipped onto your bag with the attached lanyard to easily take with you on the go. I clipped the kilo on my rucksack and took it with me for a walk with some friends. Whilst the walk was actually quite cold with typical British weather, the Kilo kept our spirits up and had the tunes pumping at every mile. Even when we got stuck in a short rain shower, the Kilo was perfectly fine still on my bag thanks to its IPX7 waterproofing. In terms of battery life, I was very impressed. The Kilo boasts to have 24 hours of battery life, and, after using it for a few hours every day and on my long walk, I didn’t have to recharge it once.

The speaker can also be connected to another Kilo to provide dual speaker playback from a single device. This is perfect for beach days and picnics to keep the music going with a surround sound listening experience. I think this would be perfect if you are looking for a punchy little speaker which you can take with you on the go, and, thanks to the anniversary collection’s colourway, your speaker will look great as well as sound great!


  • Portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Easy to set up
  • Great sound quality
  • Can be paired with other speakers for all-round music listening


  • Front buttons are easy to hit by accident if they get pressed in your bag – I recommend attaching the speaker to the outside of your bag instead to avoid this