Skullcandy Crusher Evo All Love Edition Sensory Bass Headphones


Skullcandy has returned with their All Love colourway headphones to celebrate pride month and to keep these celebrations going all throughout the year! Teaming up with To Write Love on Her Arms, Skullcandy is spreading the love and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community a little louder and prouder, whilst reminding you that no matter what – you are never alone.

The headphones come in a sleek white box which upon opening is covered in a rainbow-reflective interior. On the inside of the box, we see a note from Skullcandy about the All Love Edition headphones which have been designed to be a celebration of self-expression and inclusivity. Inside we find the Evo All Love Edition Travel Bag which holds the Crusher Evo All Love Edition Sensory Bass Headphones. The travel bag is white and high in quality with a super soft protective grey lining inside. The headphones, however, are the star as no two headphone patterns are the same, so they are as unique as you are. The inside and top band of the headphones are covered in a gradient rainbow design which extends down into the ear cup cushions. The outside of the ear cups are white, and the design uses bright and colourful accents across the small details such as the bass slider button and ear cuff edging. The bright colourway of the Crusher Evo aims to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community with every colour of the rainbow.

Being made by Skullcandy the Crusher Evo All Love Edition includes the high audio quality and customizability that we expect from the brand. The headphones are built to get loud and focus on how you feel your music with an adjustable bass slider, to range your listening experience from a more chilled listening session to feeling the bass of your music in your bones! The sound of the Crusher Evo is unmatched, with its adjustable sensory bass and customisable personal sound composition. Therefore, tailoring your sound to you is easy, and available in the Skullcandy App. With the headphones, you can seamlessly call, track, and control the volume through its strong Bluetooth connection, and, like many of the Skullcandy designs, they are fitted with the Tile Finding Technology for peace of mind in case they are misplaced. The headphones have up to 40 hours of battery charge, and support rapid charging using the included USB-C charging cable in the box.

One of the most crucial aspects of the All Love Edition is its collaboration with To Write Love on Her Arms, to which a portion of the proceeds is given. To Write Love on Her Arms helps to fund LGBTQIA+ mental health programmes, as the community face higher than average rates of depression, PSTD and anxiety disorder. Therefore, Skullcandy’s collaboration with this organisation shows the combined dedication to bringing hope and help to people struggling with these conditions. For Skullcandy the headphones are not just about Pride month, they may turn up the bass during June, but they are committed to keeping the party going all year long with their unique All Love design.

It’s clear Skullcandy’s collaboration with To Write Love on Her Arms focuses on supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and have created a headphone design that not only has top-quality audio design, but a crucial message behind it that every person deserves to live boldly. The Crusher Evo All Love Edition Sensory Bass Headphones are designed to not just make a statement but to work to make a difference by donating towards organisations which are actively supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.



- Bright and unique colourway

- Supports and donates a portion of proceeds to To Write Love on Her Arms

- Customisable and Adjustable Sensory Bass


- Requires further app download for complete audio adjustability and Tile Finding Tech