Skullcandy X Doritos Dime 2 True Wireless Earbuds


Over the years, we have reviewed many of Skullcandy’s products. Each time we are really impressed by their innovative ways of making earbuds not just a great listening experience, but an active design choice. Therefore, the Skullcandy X Doritos Dime 2 True Wireless Earbuds are a quirky alternative to your standard headphones, at a really reasonable price.

This particular collab between Skullcandy and Doritos witnesses a serious revamp of the Dime 2 series. However, these earbuds feature an eccentric design, with an imaginative collab that is really thinking out of the box of earbud design. The end product marries together the world’s two favourite things; great snacks and a great listening experience. By having this unique collab, Skullcandy can give the Dime 2 a new pop of colour by using the fiery ‘Doritos red’ that is striking, whilst being familiar. Plus, by having UV-reactive glow graphics, the earbuds have an extra flair that is far more exciting and alluring that the solid block colours that are used usually on other earbuds. This can get repetitive and dull, which is the opposite of what these headphones are. Although the ‘Doritos red’, is the only colour available, this would make sense given the super limited availability of this brilliant collab.

The earbuds themselves are really comfortable to wear, which is a staple of Skullcandy gadgets. Furthermore, the earbuds come with in-ear gels that come in a range of sizes, to ensure that they stay in your ears, and come in their own little packaging to avoid damage. Additionally, the sleek design does not stop at the earbuds, but also extends to the charging case. The size of the case is the perfect medium, as it is small enough to fit in your pocket but still big enough to not get lost at the bottom of your bag. The charging cable for the box is really short however, which can be a bit annoying. I would suggest purchasing a longer cable.

So, what about the technical side of the earbuds? Well, for starters, they’re wireless which has a wide range of benefits, including greater accessibility, and no possibility of getting really tangled, which can be a real pain. The earbuds also have 12 hours of total battery life, outlasting many of its other competitors. Another great feature is the built-in use of finding technology, via the use of a free Tile App, you can easily and quickly locate them. The app also has a lost mode, which if activated, will use other Tile Apps nearby to help find the earbuds.

When it comes to the sound, the quality can go a bit off when turned up really loud. However, for the affordable price of £39.99, the sound is great when kept at normal levels. Another aspect to consider about the Skullcandy X Doritos Dime 2 is they do not have noise cancellation, and the built-in mic can pick up a lot of surrounding noise, so if you want to use these in an overtly noisy area then I would suggest going for something a bit more expensive. However, for everyday listening, they make the perfect earbuds, especially for that extra Dorito edge!!  


- Imaginative collab.

- Quirky design.

- ‘Dorito red’ is a bold and attractive colour.

- Really comfortable, thanks to the in-ear gels.

- Small and compact charging case.

- Twelve hours of total battery life.

- Tile App is free and means you can find the earbuds easily.

- Very affordable.


- Lead for charging is very short.

- Built-in mic can pick up a bit of surround sound.

- Sound quality is not great when music is at full volume.