SodaStream ART


Do you love sparkling water? Then the SodaStream ART is perfect for you. The new premium sparkling water maker allows you to create sparkling water exactly as you like it. With the large side lever, you just pull it down to give your desired carbonisation for all your sparkling drink needs.

As we enter the festive period a sparkling beverage is always wanted, and especially for those who don’t drink - a nice sparkling drink can be just as nice as a glass of alcohol! With the SodaStream ART, every aspect is designed to help you make drinks exactly as you like them.

Included in the box is the shiny black base unit, which is quite tall but looks sleek. You also get a 1-litre slim dishwasher-safe plastic bottle and a Quick Connect CO2 cylinder. To put it together you simply attach the CO2 cylinder in the back of the SodaStream stand, and then you fill up your water in the bottle to the max fill line. This bottle is then clipped into the front of the SodaStream unit and then you are ready to start making your water sparkle! With a few presses of the lever, you release the CO2 into the water and create sparkling water. 3 presses give you a standard bubbliness, whilst 5 presses give you a strong number of bubbles should you prefer your water extra sparkling. 

Whilst the starter kit only allows you to make sparkling water, once you have successfully sparkled it you can either drink it as it is with maybe a little fruit garnish or cordial, or you can add some of SodaStream’s mixes which allow you to make your own flavoured soft drinks at home.

If you have been thinking about getting a SodaStream the ART is a great more affordable unit which allows you to create up to 60 litres of sparkling water via a single CO2 cylinder. The only recurring cost is that you will need to repurchase further CO2 cylinders in the future when yours runs out of CO2. However, with a 60-litre capacity, you would go through roughly 60 of the included bottles before this happens which seems worth it for the price.

I think this is a great gift for someone who loves sparkling water or loves a fizzy drink but wants to save on the amount they buy. With the SodaStream ART, you can make your own drinks and personalise the bubbles to your personal taste – perfect for people who can’t stand flat drinks! This would be great at Christmas for some nice refreshments with a little extra sparkle.


  • Customizable sparkling water – can add as much CO2 as you need
  • Easy to set up
  • Looks sleek in your kitchen


  • Quite a tall unit which may not fit in everyone's kitchen
  • The CO2 cylinder do need to be repurchased once they are empty