Solar-Driven Lights for Windscreens


As the nights draw in and evenings are darker, having easy and accessible lights is essential. Therefore, the Solar-Driven Lights by Isabella are the perfect accompaniment for just about anything to provide you with light when you need it most.

The lamps come in a pair of two and are minimalist in design. Each light is round with a solar panel on the top, with a touch on/off button. Each lamp emits a warm but fairly bright light which is perfect for a variety of needs. The lamps are designed to be kept outside so they can capture solar power during the day to keep the lights going through the night. These are perfect for camping as you can sit them outside your tent during the day, and then move them inside or around your tent during the night. The lights even have a small hole in the base which allows you to attach the lights to the spikes on windbreakers, so you have great lighting across and around the perimeter of your campsite at night.   

When I got the lights out of the box, I was surprised by just how lightweight they were. Their lightweight nature means they’re super easy to transport around or place them wherever you need. These would be a game-changer at festivals, as they’re easy to carry and would be great for searching for your tent or the toilets in the dark!

However, should you have had a particularly cloudy day (very apt for British weather) you can also charge the lights via the USB charging cable in the box making them a perfect portable lighting option when you’re on the move or camping. Fully charged either by the sun or by the USB charging cable the lights will emit light for between 6 and 7 hours – perfect as a nightlight during the night or whilst travelling.

Overall, if you are an avid camper or are in need of a lighting solution which you can easily move around and take with you on the go, then the Isabella solar-driven lights are perfect for you. If you have a loved one who frequently goes camping or is always at music festivals during the summer, then these would make a perfect gift for Christmas. Having a good light source is essential for safety and visibility, and with the Isabella Solar-Driven Lights you can have this on the go wherever you need.


  • Portable light source
  • Solar powered for sustainability – but can be USB charged for cloudy days
  • Lightweight and intuitive design


  • Quite expensive for the size of the lights