£317.72 DUEL

SpyraBase £30 

Get ready to battle your friends with the third generation of Spyra. The new generation brings you everything you loved about the previous water blasters, but now with a whole lot more punch! The SpyraThree delivers 3 game modes (league, burst and open) giving you the ultimate water fight experience to take out all the competition of the field.

We got the chance to test out the SpyraThree and were given the DUEL set which includes both a red and blue SpyraThree to truly put the game modes to the test in a true battle setting. Upon opening the box, the SpyraThree looks impressive. Each one is in a solid blue or red colour depending on which you choose with a white underside and textured black grip. Holding the SpyraThree it’s a comfortable weight, but not too heavy although with water inside it is a little heavier but does not affect gameplay. I took the SpyraThree for a test run with some friends and they were incredibly fun to use and led to a very competitive battle!

Unlike your regular water guns, the SpyraThree are fully automated water blasters which you can re-load and repressurise in under 10 seconds. Each water blast delivers 22 powerful individual water shots thanks to the Power-Shot Tech. This means that with every blast you shoot with purpose and can feel the power and pressure of the water as it leaves the SpyraThree. Whilst the blasts do not hurt your opponents, they can definitely be felt! The powerful nature of the blasts helps to keep score as you can feel more accurately that you’ve been hit – and of course, as they use water you do end up getting your clothes wet. However, unlike regular water guns that tend to leave you soaked, the singular SpyraThree blast droplets are more targeted which makes for a more precise hit and thankfully less excess water spray. 

red plastic square with Spyra logo on the side and black carrying straps

Spyra also sent us over some of their SpyraBases to really make it a battle. The SpyraBase, as the name suggests, allows you to keep a base of water on hand perfect for refuelling your SpyraThree mid-battle. The bases come in the same colours as the water blasters to allow you to create clear home bases perfect for each team. I found the bases were easy to set up and could easily be collapsed between uses. However, should you need to take the base with you on the go as your team moves, the thick straps allow you to easily move the bases to a new location while they are filled.

There’s no mistaking that with the SpyraThree and SpyraBases the battle is next level – especially if you are only used to regular water guns. What allows the SpyraThree to remain powerful throughout every shot is that they are fully rechargeable. Before using the water blaster you simply connect the charging cable to your SpyraThree and the screen shows the battery and tank status so you can see when your SpyraThree is fully charged, and also keep an eye on your reserved whilst playing.  

Ultimately, with the SpyraThree you will be returned to the child-like fun of a water fight but now with a grown-up edge. With a tactical display, powerful multi-shot blast and modi slider, you can level up your battles and take out the competition with ease. This is the perfect gift for people of all ages, to take their love for water fights to a whole new level, or return you to the fun they bring no matter your age. 


  • Fully automated water blaster
  • Quality feel and secure textured grip
  • Bright colour design perfect for identifying different teams
  • SpyraBase are easy to transport whether full or folded down


  • High price point for water gun however the fully automated and top quality design makes them worth it
  • Wouldn’t recommend for younger kids due to the power of the SpyraThree