TECHNAXX 4G Wildcam TX-189 and Solar Panel


As the nights get darker and longer the risk of break-ins or unwanted guests in your garden increases, so the need for a good security system that allows you to help maintain the security of your home or land is essential. However, when lots of security cameras require Wi-Fi to operate, having cameras in the best place isn’t always possible while maintaining a connection. However, Technaxx has introduced its new app-controlled 4G Wildcam TX-189 which uses a mobile network connection to run and maintain the camera.

Inside the box, you get the 4G Wildcam TX-189, a solar panel, a USB power cable, an antenna, 6 screws and dowels, 2 brackets, a mounting belt, 4 batteries and the user manual. I was impressed with the quality of the camera, which has a camouflage casing, and all components are designed to make the set-up and use as easy as possible. The inclusion of a bracket to allow you to attach the camera to your home or a tree is great for finding the best position without having to buy extra attachments to support it. It even comes with 4 batteries so you can use the Wildcam straight out of the box. However, one of the main perks of the 4G Wildcam TX-189 is that it also comes with a solar panel so you can extend the operating time of the camera through the power generated via solar energy.

I set up the camera to see the quality of the footage and was very impressed. The Wildcam captures a wide 100° angle to give a great overview of your land or garden. The camera captures video in high resolution and even has a night vision function to capture movement at night up to 15 metres. The WIldcam even comes with a built-in PIR sensor which triggers automatic recording if it notices something moving within the 12-metre range. All footage recorded is stored locally on a microSD inside the camera.

Along with the Wildcam, you get access to the Security Premium app which can send you notifications and allow you to view the footage from your camera with ease. This is great as you can access the camera, and through the built-in speaker and mic, you can have 2-way communication should anyone be in the frame. Overall, the camera provides an all-round great security and surveillance system perfect for use at home or across your land. The security of your property can never be taken too seriously, and with the Technaxx 4G Wildcam TX-189, you have an all-in-one self-sufficient system to add a little peace of mind – great especially if you are going away this holiday season.


  • Wildcam uses a mobile network for connection so can be used in remote areas
  • Includes a solar panel for self-sufficient power
  • Camouflage colour and brackets included for easy installation and look


  • To make the most out of your Wildcam you do need to download the security app