TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones


TOZO are a globally renowned brand best known for its research, development and manufacturing of high-tech products including wireless audio, smart IOT, virtual reality and digital accessories. Therefore, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to test out one of their most recent launches with the OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones.

Before the TOZO OpenReal, I hadn’t heard of air-conduction headphones. Whilst in-ear earbuds and over-ear headphones dominate most of the marketplace, alternative conduction headphones such as bone and air conduction have begun to see a steep rise in recent years – so, getting to try some air-conduction headphones was a fun experience.

The OpenReal’s are very minimalist in all black and are uniquely designed to keep the ear canal open. They have a titanium alloy neckband which sits around your neck and the drivers hook over your ears and sit just outside your ear canal. If you are used to in-ear earbuds this feels a little strange but is very similar to sport or bone conduction earphones which hook over your ear. I found they sat very comfortably - the neckband is super flexible to ensure they are comfortable around the neck, and the over-ear hook design is very lightweight which makes for comfortable wear all day. Often, I find in-ear headphones can become quite uncomfortable on the ear after hours of wearing, but with the TOZO OpenReal, they were incredibly easy and comfortable to wear and always delivered great sound.

In terms of sound, the TOZO OpenReal Headphones are impressive with 16.2 mm dynamic drivers which deliver great audio. I was concerned that the open-air design would cause my music to not be of super great quality, or even cause the people around me to be subjected to hearing my music. However, the OpenReals have been designed with directional sound technology to ensure that you hear all the depth of your music, whilst ensuring that people nearby cannot hear it. The OpenReals also have TOZO OrigX Acoustic Technology which is designed to deliver true rich sound for audio and call clarity. I tested out the headphones while on a commute to work and was impressed by the sound quality and comfort. They were even great for calls thanks to the dual-mic ENC technology which works to eliminate background noise so both ends of the call experience clear voices.

I was also impressed with the customizability of the TOZO OpenReal as you can download the TOZO app to personalise touch controls and make your OpenReals work for you. This personalisation, combined with the 14-hour battery life from a single charge, means the TOZO OpenReal are a great all-around choice for a top-notch personalised and comfortable listening experience.

If you are looking to treat your loved one, or personally want to try out some open-ear headphones, the TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones are an excellent choice.


  • Open-ear design great for comfort and awareness
  • Top-Quality audio
  • Personalisation via the TOZO App


  • Does require the additional downloading of the TOZO App for all personalisation – but most headphones on the market these days use apps for personalisation