TOZO T20 Earbuds


After trying out some TOZO headphones previously, I was so excited to get to try out the T20 Earbuds, which are designed to deliver top-quality sound all in a comfortable all-day wear fit. The curved ergonomic design allows you to use the earbuds for hours on end without that uncomfortable pain that you get with many other earbuds at the same price point.

Upon opening the earbuds the case is much like you would expect from many others on the market in a smooth black finish with the little earbuds inside. However, what makes the charging case so special is that the front displays the charge left in the earbuds/case. From a single charge the earbuds can last 13 hours, and with the charging case, this is increased dramatically to 48.5 hours. This length of battery life is top quality – especially for the affordable price point. I found the smart LED display was super useful to quickly check how much charge was left before leaving the house, but with over 50 hours of combined charge between the case and buds, you are rarely going to be caught short! When you do have to charge the earbuds the case flashes from 1 to 100 so you can easily see when they're ready to go. Additionally, the case supports wireless charging so they’re perfect for popping on your usual wireless charger for easy charging whenever you need.

For the price, the sound quality of the TOZO T20 earbuds is exceptional. Each features a 10mm diameter speaker which has the latest dynamic horn loudspeaker and larger drivers. The T20s have been upgraded with a diaphragm area which is over 50% larger than the previous generation to bring better all-around sound quality. I tested out the earbuds whilst working and was thrilled with the sound quality which made every single one of my songs sound great. However, should you prefer a very specific EQ setting for your listening experience you can download the TOZO app which offers a selection of pre-set and personalised EQ settings to truly tailor your earbuds to you.

I even tried the T20 Earbuds for a call which I find is a true test of sound quality, and they performed very well. The earbuds have a dual-mic ENC Noise Cancellation which makes calling so much clearer by suppressing ambient background noise whilst working to make your voice clearer. This would be a game change for calls whilst on the go, to help reduce background traffic and enhance your voice so the person on the other end can hear you clearly.

If you are thinking about getting some new earbuds but don’t know where to start the TOZO T20 Earbuds are a great choice. For the price, they deliver top-quality sound, and exceptional battery life which would suit the needs of just about anyone. These would make a great gift for any music lover in your life, and for the price, you might as well treat yourself to a pair too!


  • Premium sound quality at an affordable price
  • Long battery life and smart screen to monitor charge
  • EQ personalised via the TOZO App
  • Supports wireless charging


  • To make the most out of your earbuds you need to download a further app