Technaxx 21W Solar Charging Case TX-207


If you’ve ever been camping you know all too well the feeling of when your phone is running low on charge, and you have no way of charging it. This is where the Technaxx 21W Solar Charging Case TX-207 comes in! The charging case features a monocrystalline 21-Watt solar panel that you can strap to your rucksack while out walking or hiking. The solar panel generates power that can be used to charge your smartphone, charging banks, tablets, e-books, cameras, and other portable gadgets.

Opening the box, I was impressed by the design of the Technaxx Solar Charging Case as it is made of a durable PET material, which compactly folds up with the solar panel inside. The entire charging case is lightweight and folds out to reveal the solar panel, and the material has loops at the edges for it to be attached to a rucksack. When I attached it to my rucksack it wasn’t noticeable and didn’t add a considerable amount of extra weight which was great. It includes a large pocket to charge your devices via two USB ports with a max output of 3 Amps. The solar panel can also be laid out alone or propped up through its three-fold design to sit in the sun for hours ready to provide power when needed.

For me, it was easy to use and did not impact my walk which was a massive plus. After a few hours of walking to charge up the solar panel, I put it to the test and plugged my phone into one of the USB sockets and it immediately began charging. I was impressed by its charging capabilities and how fast my phone battery gained power. It makes a perfect backup power source especially when spending a lot of time outdoors. I imagine this would be a great choice for camping and hiking, especially when electrical power is not always guaranteed.

Overall, I was impressed by the renewable energy solution that the Technaxx Solar Charging Case offers. Using solar power, the charging case takes advantage of the natural sunlight that you get when you are spending a great deal of time outside and puts it to great use in supplying power to your portable devices. I think if you are an avid hiker or camper this would be a great product for you. Although, due to its design, I can see this working across a variety of environments including beach days, picnics, and sunny days out for a great backup power option.


- 2x USB port in one pocket for easy charging of power banks and smartphones at the same time

- Compact Design

- Renewable energy source

- Lightweight


- Not as effective at producing power on gloomy days or at night