Technaxx Universal Car Alarm Pro TX-168


Between 2021 and 2022, there was a 21% increase in car thefts in the UK. Therefore, for any car owner, it is always a worry. And yet, not all cars possess built-in car alarms, leaving many people (including myself) out in the elements when it comes to car break-ins. Hence why I was eager to test out Technaxx’s Universal Car Alarm Pro TX-168, and I was certainly not disappointed!

German company Technaxx uses simple technology that has a big impact. In the case of the Universal Car Alarm, you receive a small interior alarm, that possesses an LED light and plugs into the accessory dock (cigarette lighter). Personally, I think that this particular connection system is good because it means that setting up the alarm is really easy, plus the alarm can be used in any vehicle. Furthermore, the alarm possesses USBC and USB-A dock, so that it can be used to charge your phone or other devices. Another great bonus!

The alarm detects motion by using a PIR sensor (Passive Infra-Red), which is commonly used in Technaxx products. The alarm package also includes a remote control fob. With just a single button, it is really easy to use, as you can turn the alarm on and off, and stop the sound. There is also the potential to connect another three fobs, however, only one comes with the kit.

You also additionally receive an exterior alarm that can be attached to the car under the bonnet, which is again, really easy to install. This is a clever element as it means that once the alarm goes off, it certainly cannot be missed, as the exterior also generates a big sound.  

The LED light on the exterior alarm is also a really good indicator of what the alarm is up to, including if it is armed, disarmed, or low battery, as well as many other factors. The LED light is a good element as it is incredibly noticeable and lets you know that everything is working effectively, by flashing different colours depending on what it is up to.  I expected the light to be somewhat faint, however, the LED is very bright and noticeable.

For example, when the alarm is armed, a red light flashes every 5 seconds, which can be activated by pressing the remote-control button once. It can then be disarmed simply by pressing the button, also working at a considerable distance away from the car. Further featured in the packaging is an instruction manual that is in many languages, as well as a rechargeable lithium battery. The booklet itself is also really small, so can easily fit in your glove box.

The battery in the alarm needs to be charged in the accessory socket. In my case, my car had to be running for it to provide power, which is something to be aware of. It takes about two hours to charge fully, which then provides a week’s worth of life. Although this would be considered a long-life accessory, it does mean that you must routinely charge the alarm for it to be effective in your car at all times. However, the light flashes blue continuously when it is low on battery, which I think is a great feature to guarantee that the alarm is always charged, and your car is always protected.

Overall, I think the Technaxx Universal Car Alarm is not only a good purchase, but completely necessary as car theft is on the rise. Even if you don’t own a car, this little gadget is great to have as it doesn’t have to be used for a car but anywhere it can be plugged in, making it very versatile!


- Simple to use.

- Compact.

- Bright LED light and loud alarm.

- LED light flashes different colours depending on need.

- Can be used in any vehicle with an accessory dock. (Basically, all of them).

- Comes with a remote-control fob that uses a single button.

- Doesn’t have to be used in a car.


- Car must be running for the battery to be charged.

- Does not come with other fobs.