Timeflip 2 Interactive Time Tracker

£60.83 ($69)

Even though signs are showing that the pandemic is coming to an end, the routine of working from home is very much the new norm for many. As such, it can be really difficult to gather together any self-motivation. Equally as frustrating can be trying to find some variety in your day, especially when you don’t leave the house to start your working-day. On the other hand, when you are sat at your desk at your place of work for hours on end, it can be easy to become a monotonous work machine, which ultimately limits overall productivity. This is where the Timeflip 2 can come in very handy, as it greatly promotes productivity by switching up your working day, whilst also measuring your efficiency.

The Timeflip 2, put simply, is a large dice that can neatly sit on your desk. However, it is a big dice with an exciting twist. By corresponding with an app, it measures your time and productivity for a particular activity, as each activity is assigned to a particular side of the dice. This is conducted by setting the dice so that the activity you are doing is facing upwards, which allows the app to keep track of how you divided your time throughout the day. Therefore, by rolling the dice it comes up with a new activity and ultimately randomises your day. By adding an idea of chance or reward, the tasks you really don’t want to do suddenly become more interesting.

The Timeflip 2 comes with a hefty sticker book full of a variety of stickers for any workplace activity you can think of, whether it be admin, coding or social media. It even has your breaks covered by including stickers on games, music and TV. The range of stickers also indicate howe it can be used by students, with study and break stickers. This is really useful in exam season when they have large chunks of revision sessions coming up. The sticker-book also hundreds of blank stickers and a marker pen so that you can designate your own activities, allowing it to be a personal focus aid, as well as a vital workplace companion.

This handy gadget is sold individually or in a multiple set. This means that your colleagues in the office can also track their productivity, turning the working day into a fun little competition for your colleagues or family. Its value is also reflected in its versatility, creativity, and functionality, and the quality of its app software. This is incredibly useful for anyone who wants to make the most of their working day, whilst also bringing some variety and fun into their workspace, simply with the roll of a dice.

4.7/5 stars


Interactive time tracking

Boosts daily productivity

Easy to use and high-quality app

Statistical feedback on your workplace performance

good for those who struggle with organisation.

Large and varied sticker book

Can randomise tasks



Batteries can drain easily