Tom Gates Monster Games Compendium


Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates series is a widely beloved children’s book series that chronicles the life of a young schoolboy getting up to adventure and mischief. Therefore, the youthful and fun tone of the story transfers perfectly to the board game format. The Monster Compendium includes three board games, that consist of well-loved classics alongside brand-new games that capture the Tom Gates magic. The Monster Games Compendium includes the ‘Top Challenges Game’, ‘Race the Teacher’, and ‘Snakes and Ladders’. When you consider that three games are included, the price is very reasonable as each game has different tasks and instructions, providing a great variety of gameplay.

Firstly, the ‘Top Challenges Game’ is simple but good at getting everyone involved. You simply turn the big spinner and read whatever card it lands on, which can either be a challenge, skill, or character card. This is great for anyone who is a fan of the series, as it combines many of the loved characters with a range of challenges that gets everyone moving, as well as providing an educational aspect. When we consider that the game is for age 6 and above, the questions were great for providing facts for the kids, which meant they took it in without getting bored. A big bonus for any parent.

The second game, ‘Race the Teacher’, is equally as entertaining. Similar to the premise of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ the aim of the game is to reach the middle of the board first and, most importantly, get to home time! However, throughout the journey around the board, you come across many contenders from the book which stop on your path. Although this is a widely recognised gaming format, the sprinkling of characters from the book, and obviously the motif of the school day, adds a new twist for any Tom Gates fans. Similarly, Snakes and Ladders is an age-old classic in the board gaming world. And yet, there’s a creative twist to it as characters and events can introduce Snakes and Ladders to a whole new generation.

The packaging and design of the game is in keeping with the bold and youthful aesthetic of the Tom Gates books. Personally, I really liked this as it brings to life the illustrated tales of the text in a whole new way, as well as revamping the games for younger audiences. Plus, one of the boards is double-sided, saving space and reducing the use of materials in the game.

Overall, I would greatly recommend this as a gift for any Tom Gates fans out there. It would even be fun for children that haven’t read Tom Gates as you don’t need to necessarily know the book to enjoy it, and it can introduce them to a whole new world of stories.

5/5 stars.


- Three games are included in one box.

- Great price for the range of games.

- Inclusion of characters and tales from the book series.

- New twist on well-loved games.

- Double-sided board.

- Don’t need to have read ‘Tom Gates’ to enjoy the games.