Tower 3 in 1 Deep Filled Sandwich Maker 900W


I always find that a good sandwich maker is a must in the kitchen, purely down to the fact that it is super convenient and compact in size. Therefore, as a great lover of a classic toasted sandwich, I was really eager to try out the Tower 3 in 1 Deep Filled Sandwich Maker.

Fundamentally, the Tower Deep Filled Sandwich Maker makes a really good toastie! It cooked the bread just enough so that it was crispy and delicious, whilst sufficiently melting the cheese so that it was gooey in the middle. The lights on the top of the sandwich maker also signified when it was hot enough, letting you know when it was the perfect time to cook. When you open up the lid, the grill plates have extra deep fill pockets so that the toastie is properly grilled and golden.

However, similar to many other sandwich makers out there, the space for the sandwich is too small so that I found sometimes some spillage did occur. One way to combat this however is to use the panini plate, as it does cater to larger sandwiches. This is one of the many bonuses of having the 3-in-1 feature, enabling numerous recipes to be made with one piece of equipment. The interchangeability of the plates is the clear selling point of the sandwich maker, as you are getting the most for your money, making the toastie maker a very reasonable price.

Furthermore, a nice design feature is the fact the handles are large, which means that when you open up the lid, you don’t burn your fingers from the heat of the grill. Although this sounds simple, this can happen sometimes! Therefore, it is good to see that small touches like this have been thought of.

Another great feature is the fact that it didn’t take ages to warm up, or even toast the sandwich, making the whole process very quick and easy. One thing I would say that when making the waffles it can take a bit longer (approx. 10 minutes) but this is more to do with cooking skill rather than the sandwich maker itself.

Thankfully, when I did make a bit of a mess with the sandwich, you are able to take off the plates and clean them really easily, becoming a key bonus for the sandwich maker. However, one drawback would be is that it may not be dishwasher friendly, so instead, I washed the plates manually once they had cooled down.

This is a great piece of kit for making super easy bit delicious meals at great convenience. It would a great Christmas gift for uni students, or anyone who loves convenience in the kitchen.

4.5/ 5 stars.


- Super convenient.  

- Heat plates are interchangeable.

- Easy to clean

- Interchangeable plates, providing a variety of cooking options.  

- Compact, can be put away easily

- Doesn’t use much energy

- Large handles.

- Great for uni students



- The sandwich spaces are not big enough for the slices of bread.

- Unsure whether the plates can be placed in the dishwasher.