Twelve South Action Sleeve 2


Whenever I do any form of exercise, I always make sure I have recorded it in some way. Not only does this let me know how well I have done, but it also helps motivate me to (reluctantly) go to the gym the next day. Like many people, I use my Apple Watch to track my heartbeat and steps etc. Although I usually wear the watch on my wrist, I was intrigued to see whether the repositioning of my Apple Watch would make any difference to the fitness recording. The Twelve South Action Sleeve is the perfect test for this, as it has a Velcro adjustable strap (in a range of sizes) that lets you wear your Apple Watch on your arm. A big plus for me is its adjustability, as it lets you place your watch anywhere comfortably, whilst still allowing the watch to have full contact with the skin and thus still able to record your heartbeat etc.

Twelve South has a great track record for creating high-quality Apple accessories, therefore I trusted that the Action Sleeve would match the advanced forethought that can be seen in other products. The Action Sleeve did not disappoint! Made with specialist material, it is really simple to use. You simply remove the Apple Watch straps and push the watch face into the back of the Action Sleeve. Tighten the strap around your arm in a place that is comfortable and you’re away! The Action Sleeve is precisely designed so that all the buttons on the watch are still accessible and nothing is covered, therefore not affecting the function of the watch at all. The sleeve is also compatible with the Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & SE, making it really flexible.

When I took the Action Sleeve to the gym, I found that it was really comfortable to use when completing a range of activities. The Sleeve really came into its own when I did a spot of boxing. Because I tend to use boxing gloves, when the watch is on the wrist it can become really uncomfortable and can occasionally obstruct wearing the glove. The action sleeve was perfect for this particular activity because I completely forgot that I had it on and it still recorded all the vital calories.  

Away from sports, the Action Sleeve would be really great for anyone that uses the hands regularly during the day, where having a watch on may not be an option but you still want to close the rings. Furthermore, it also protects your watch from getting scratched and bashed, as I am always knocking mine around on various surfaces throughout the day.

Overall, this would make a great gift for anybody who uses their Apple Watch regularly for either sports/fitness or just during the day. It opens up the usage of the watch by freeing up the wrist, giving unlimited ways to close up those pesky rings.

5/5 stars.


- Really comfortable

- Sleeve is adjustable.  

- Thought-out design.

- Doesn’t obstruct the watch.

- Compatible with many models of Apple Watch.

- Easily transfer from strap to sleeve.