Wacaco Minipresso NS2


“I can’t function without a coffee!” is a well-used phrase that you hear throughout the office and beyond, as the humble coffee has become the staple to the world’s productivity. So much so, that it has become more of a lifestyle rather than a simple hot beverage. It is for this exact reason that companies like Starbucks have become the titans they are today. But what if you could condense their mighty espresso machine into a miniature pocket-sized cylinder?  

Well, this is something that the team at Wacaco have managed to achieve, with the release of their portable, and very dinky, Minipresso NS2. Mini is certainly the thing to focus on here, because measuring at just approx. 13 cm tall, you can combine the work of a mighty machine into a compact pod.

Usually, coffee making is a piece of art or a mechanical engineering project. The Wacaco Minipresso, however, is simple. First, you remove the built-in cup from the bottom of it. You then unscrew the portafilter and insert the coffee capsule. Screw both pieces back together tightly so that the portafilter pierces the coffee capsule. Next, unscrew the top of the portafilter and pour in hot boiling water. Finally, you unlock the piston and start pumping. After a little bit, you should see the extracted espresso start to trickle out of the bottom of the portafilter, which you can put in the cup. And then enjoy!

I think this is a really good design, as the pumping action imitates the pressure build-up that you would usually see in a much larger coffee machine, genius really! I also anticipated that the portafilter would be really hot once I poured the hot water inside, but I actually found that’s it wasn’t too boiling, and quite nice for warming my hands up. The design also makes it really easy to clean, as you just need to rinse out the nozzle and clean the portafilter which comes off really easily.

I guess some would argue that by the time you’ve acquired some hot water, you may as well use a normal coffee cup and some instant coffee stuff. I would greatly disagree, however, as the quality would not be the same. The whole point of the Minipresso is that you can get the quality espresso of a large Starbucks machine, all wrapped up in your pocket. Therefore, if you work somewhere without a coffee machine, or you know you’ll be travelling somewhere every morning and in great need of espresso then it’s perfect for a quick, easy, and quality beverage. This would also be perfect for a camping trip, or if you’re just on the go during the day.  

In terms of the espresso itself, it tasted amazing, like it was straight out of a barista’s hands and into your cup! It even makes a layer of foam on top, that is created by the pump. I really liked this about the Minipresso as the foam is something I can never achieve at home!

5/5 stars


- Simple but effective design makes it easy to use.

- Makes a great espresso (with foam!)

- Easy to clean.

- Compact so can be taken on your travels, or even to work.


- Doesn’t include pods.