We’re All Gonna Die Party Game


Looking for a new quick and fun game to play with your friends and family this Christmas – then We’re All Gonna Die is the party game for you. As we can see from the game's dramatic name, the aim of this game is to work your way through death cards and try to not die!

In We’re All Gonna Die you have a game board with 6 spaces, 6 life-saving dice, 45 ridiculous death cards and 5 embarrassing but not deadly cards. To play you shuffle the death cards, along with the embarrassing but not deadly cards, and draw 20 to place next to the ‘1’ space on the playing board. To begin you flip over the top card of the 20 shuffled cards and place it on the ‘1’ space. This card outlines a ridiculous death and has a range of life-saving items which you need to roll to survive that death. You are allowed three rolls of the 6 dice to achieve this, however, after your first roll, you can keep some of the life-saving items you have rolls and do not have to roll all 6 for the final 2 rolls. After your third roll attempt if you have successfully matched the life-saving pictures on the card to your dice you can discard the card to a separate pile. You then flip a new card, and the game continues in the same way.

Should you not successfully roll the needed life-saving items on the dice for your card, a new card is added in the next spot on the board. If you continue to be unsuccessful with the cards and after each round have to add a new card to the board, you edge closer and closer to death. Once you place a card in the ‘You’re Dead’ space the team loses. The aim is to get through all 20 of your cards and not end up on the final death space on the board. The embarrassing but not deadly cards may be included in your stack and if revealed can be moved straight to the discard pile, essentially giving you a life by making one of the 20 death cards not that deadly. If you get through all 20 cards without getting to the final ‘You’re Dead’ space on the board, you have won!

We’re All Gonna Die is a fun party game to play with friends. I brought this out at a recent game night, and everyone loved it, as it was easy to pick up and a large part of it was left completely up to the luck of a dice roll. It’s a very fun and silly game which has everyone laughing at the ridiculous death cards we had to beat. If you are looking for a fun game to play with some friends, then this is a perfect choice and makes a great addition to any game collection.


  • Quick to play and easy to get the hang of
  • Cards and dice are great quality with good graphics
  • Great for small groups to play