Gone are the days of gently saying ‘shhh’ on repeat to help your child get to sleep. The Wooshh is designed to provide a great range of soothing and shhhh-ing sounds perfect for getting your little one to sleep and masking any other disruptive noises.

The Wooshh has 8 soothing sounds including sounds of streams, the womb, rainfall, shh, shh-shh, cat purr, outer space, and lullaby noises. These sounds are all perfectly designed to help your little ones sleep without disruption – all provided in such a small device which packs a punch. The pocket-sized nature of the Wooshh is what makes it so special, as it can easily be popped into your bag and taken with you on the go for an easy sleeping environment wherever you are! The Wooshh even has 4 volume settings to ensure that you can find the perfect volume for your baby and the environment.

Furthermore, the Wooshh is designed to easily clip onto things, attach to your stroller or stand nearby thanks to its stand/clip-back design. Whilst it is not designed to be clipped to a cot or within reach of your child for safety reasons, the Woosh provides great sound wherever it is thanks to the premium sound chip inside, which delivers near-CD quality audio with no glitches to wake your child up.

I liked that the Wooshh can be set to a single-hour mode or even a 10-hour mode depending on the age of your child or how tricky getting to sleep has been for the child. This range allows the woosh to grow with your child and continue to provide soothing sounds to them (and even adults) for a better night’s sleep. I love the sound of rain when I fall asleep, so the rainfall setting was great not just for my child but also for me!

Ultimately, if you want a soothing sound machine which helps your child, or even you, to get to sleep that little bit easier then the Wooshh is a great choice. It’s a great little device to throw in your bag and make any situation a great environment to sleep in. This would make a great gift for those new parents who are desperately seeking sleep, as the soothing sounds will hopefully help both the baby and them to sleep!


  • Compact pocketsized device
  • Range of sound options and volumes
  • Rechargeable so no need to worry about batteries


  • Short charging cable making charging a little less convenient