Zed Sleep Soother and Night Light


Every parent has been there, your baby sleeps like a dream in the car but as soon as you put them in their cot, they don’t want to anymore! Rockit noticed this trend and has introduced Zed, the sleep soother and night light which provides a range of gentle vibrations which mimics a car ride and help your little one’s sleep much better.

Zed looks like a cool little spaceman that once placed by your baby’s feet sends gentle vibrations through the mattress to simulate a car ride. These include a range of 6 vibrations, including 3 static vibration speeds, and 3 modes at varying speeds to simulate a car accelerating and decelerating. It can be used on any type of mattress so is perfect for Moses baskets, cots, prams, beds or even feeding cushions. The vibrations are set to slowly fade out after an hour which should leave your baby deep into a second sleep cycle. What makes Zed so perfect is that it is such a seamless and compact unit, so it is easy to take with you on the go. This a great for this time of year when you might be travelling or staying with relatives for the holidays. With Zed you can ensure that your baby can always get the sleep they need, and in turn, so can you!

In addition, Zed is also a great nightlight with three red light levels which promotes sleep in babies, making it great for night feeds to help your little ones fall back to sleep faster. The nightlight aspect of the Zed continues to benefit your child as they grow because it works as a great nightlight for children of all ages even when the soothing aspects of the Zed are no longer needed.

Overall, the Zed Sleep Soother and Night Light ensure that your child gets a great night’s sleep thanks to the relaxing vibrations to simulate a car ride. Perfect for those babies who usually struggle to sleep in their cot but can easily fall asleep in the car. If you are staying at a relative or friend's house over the festive period, the Zed is a great accompaniment to help your baby sleep better and feel at home.


  • Portable sleep soother to take with you on the go
  • Great night light as your child continues to grow
  • Range of car simulation vibrations for those babies that struggle to sleep in their cot


  • Requires 2 AA batteries which are not included