ZeroWater 12 Cup/2.8L Ready-Read Jug


There’s nothing quite like a refreshing glass of water, but do you ever worry about what extra chemicals may be in your tap water? Well, with every ZeroWater system, you never have to worry again! Every system includes a 5-stage filtration design which removes all Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your drinking water. TDS refers to minerals, salts, metals including leads, chemicals, fluoride, and runoff which all could be present in your drinking water.

I got to try out the 12-cup filter system by ZeroWater and I was thoroughly impressed with the size of the jug. The jug is slightly larger than average as it has been designed with a busy family in mind, so they can always have filtered water ready to go. However, unlike other filtering jugs on the market, it still remains slim and uniform in size making it easy to fit in your fridge or on the side for water whenever you need it.

I loved that with the jug you have the option to pour from it as you would a normal jug, or you can use the pitcher on the other side to pour yourself some water from the spout without having to lift the entire thing. This is great for families with children, as they can refill their water without needing to lift the entire thing which may be heavy for them.

Furthermore, a big perk of the Ready-Read Jug is the addition of a TDS reader to test your water throughout the jug's use. The reader allows you to check the TDS levels in your water for added peace of mind that you and your family are only drinking the purest-tasting water possible. It was fascinating using the TDS meter on a glass of water directly from my kitchen tap, and in a glass of water from the jug which has been through the ZeroWater filtration system – let's just say the filter really does its job!

Overall, if you are looking for a great water filter jug, the ZeroWater jugs and dispensers are always a great choice. For me, the 12-cup jug was perfect for meeting the demands of my family, and the added TDS reader was a great bonus to really check the filtration system was working. I imagine this is great for when you need to buy replacement filters as you can see when the TDS levels increase, and a new filter needs to be purchased. Therefore, if you are looking for a new jug or dispenser – ZeroWater is the company for you!



- Large Water Jug with multiple spouts

- Comes with a TDS meter on the side for peace of mind

- Includes ZeroWater filter with its 5-layer filtration design



- Only comes with 1 filter, so more will need to eventually be purchased – however, this is the same with any filter jug on the market