ZeroWater 6 Cup/1.4L Jug


There’s nothing better than a nice cold glass of water, and with the ZeroWater 6 Cup/1.4L Jug you can have cold and clean water on hand at all times. The slim jug is perfect for fitting in a compact space in your fridge, especially as we slowly start to fill up the fridge with food ready for Christmas.

The jug is a great size providing a 6-cup capacity which is great for family mealtimes or offering a drink to your guest over the festive period. However, one of the main perks of ZeroWater is that you can drink the water knowing all TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), which can often be found in your water, has been removed. TDS include things such as minerals, salts, metals including lead, chemicals, fluoride, and runoff pollutants that could make their way into your drinking water. Therefore, all ZeroWater jugs include their water filters which have a 5-stage filtration process to ensure all of these TDS are removed so you know you’re only drinking safe and pure water every time.

In addition to the water filters, ZeroWater includes a free TDS Water Quality Meter in every jug that they sell. These nifty little devices can be popped into a glass of water to measure the TDS content and ensure that all the water you drink is TDS-free. This is great to test out using a glass of ZeroWater filtered water and a glass of regular tap water. With the meter, you can clearly see the effect of the ZeroWater filtrations system and start to see the TDS levels that regularly occur in your tap water. The Water Quality Meters are also great for periodically testing your ZeroWater jug and filters as should the TDS number increase it is then time to change the filter.

Ultimately, we all want safe and purified water to drink, and with the ZeroWater jug it makes this so much more convenient. The filter system, size of the jug and included water meter all allow you to have access to purified water with ease.


  • Slim size perfect for compact fridges
  • Includes 5stage water filter system
  • Free TDS Water Quality tested to ensure your water is always purified
  • Easy to clean


  • Like with all water filters you will need to repurchase water filters when yours runs out to maintain the same level of purified water