Amawrap baby sling

Babies can be such a handful – literally! Keeping your baby held close is going to slow you right down, and as a young parent, there’s constantly way too much stuff to get done. There are plenty of papoose-style products on the market that aim to make carrying your child easy and hands-free, but some of them can be a cumbersome challenge themselves. The key is a product that is not only comfortable to wear in and of itself, but also supports and holds your baby in a way that is comfortable for both of you. The Amawrap baby sling seems to have it perfected.

This baby wrap is 100% cotton, which keeps it soft against your baby’s skin, as well as breathing and being light-weight. It can support babies between 5lbs – 33lbs, which means it’s suitable for newborns through to toddlers. It’s ‘one size fits all’, which rarely actually pans out to mean ‘all’, but it IS extremely stretchy and was able to fit a wide range of body types in the office comfortably and securely.

So, why is it good for parents? It keeps your hands free, and it has been designed ergonomically, looking out for your back and hips in the way it wraps around you and distributes your child’s weight. It’s even gotten the thumbs-up from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. And what about your baby? It’s good for them because their limbs are safely contained, they’re held fast and yet have room to wriggle and breathe, thanks to the stretchy cotton, and it’s bonding for both them and you to have that extended, close contact. Research says that babies who are often carried grow up feeling more confident and secure, and it’s both bonding and soothing for them to be able to rest near your heartbeat.

We received this sling wrap in mint green. This is an accessory as much as a tool, as the sling wraps around your person and affects your overall look. For this reason, I was thrilled to see so many colour and pattern choices: you can pick an Amawrap that suits your complexion as well as your usual wardrobe palette. You can even buy more than one! (In fact, I’d recommend this, so you can not only match them to your outfits, but also have spares for when one is in the wash!) These products are great for all parents, whatever your genders – if there’s two of you, you might both want to get your own.

What I really loved about the Amawrap was its versatility. It comes with an instruction guide to show you how to set it up in different ways, making it useful for all kinds of parents. For example, you’re even able to use it as a twin baby carrier! You can also use it to breast feed whilst remaining covered up and keeping your baby held in the right position for feeding.  Whilst we wait for the world to catch up on being comfortable for mothers to breastfeed anywhere, this is a really handy tool for allowing you to breastfeed with confidence.

All in all, this is a fantastic product. It’s simple, colourful, comfortable, and cares about both you and your baby. What more could you want?

The Amawrap in grey-green, shown from behind. Crosses over the shoulders.
Machine washable
100% natural cotton
One size fits all
Comfortable weight distribution
Breastfeeding mode
Back & lumbar support
Head support for your baby
Great for both mums and dads
Lots of colour options
Keeps your hands free