Winmau Professional Darts Set

As I’ve mentioned a few hundred times we recently moved, and with our new-found space we have slowly been turning the garage into a 1980’s-themed pub, much to the amusement of the previous owners who used it as a – wait for it – garage. I mean we don’t have a sofa; my office doesn’t have a desk, but we have decided to focus on filling the garage with retro-themed posters and beer mats and neon signs, and what could be more iconic in a traditional pub than a dart board?q If you have ever played darts before the chances are you have used a Winmau dartboard,

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2

Soundfreaq’s most powerful Bluetooth speaker is the Sound Platform 2, designed with the intention of being the ultimate home stereo system, you can boost your listening experience by wirelessly pairing two speakers together to create a stereo sound experience. The Platform 2 comes with two USB power ports, which is great if you are using your phone to stream the music, you can ensure you don’t have to sacrifice your battery life to carry on the party.

Snooper DVR 4HD Gen 3 Dash Cam

The Snooper DVR-4HD Vehicle Drive Recorder, this 2-in-1 dash cam features a Speed Trap Detection system, Wifi connectivity for reviewing and sharing of footage with the app as well as all the standard features you would expect to find. This camera comes with built-in GPS Technology that records location, time, date and speed at the time of any incident, it will record on a continuous loop recording overwriting old footage (compatible with up to 32GB SD card) and uses a 152 Degree Front Full 1080p HD recording.

Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack

Skip Hop was created as a global lifestyle brand who is committed to making parenting as easy and fun as possible, with their core philosophy of “Must-Haves Made Better,” Skip Hop re-designs and re-engineers essential products from the baby bag to pushchairs to bath toys, and allowing parents to enjoy functional and stylish products. The Greenwich Simple Chic Backpack aims to bring a little class when you are out and about with baby, even if you have got sick down your shoulder and the bag has a dirty nappy tucked away in there.

Sharp GXBT180 Speaker

The GXBT180 is the baby brother to the BT280 but as is so often with the younger sibling, it is better looking, more fun and fits easier into a rucksack, measuring up at 86 x 86 x 110mm it is super compact and only weighs 340g, you can even put it in your pocket (jacket, not jeans). It comes in three colours: Red, Black and Blue just like its older sibling as well as that same, handy attachment loop for fixing it to your bag, bike, tent, whatever you like.

Sharp GX-BT280 Portable Wireless Speaker

The GX-BT280 is from Sharp’s portable speaker range and is available in three colours: Black, Red and Blue. This wireless speaker can be connected via Bluetooth 4.2 to your phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device. It has a bold design with large obvious buttons, which makes it super easy for someone to connect and take over as DJ if they disapprove of the music. The tough little body is dustproof and water resistant thanks to the IP65 rating, and it is compact enough to throw in your backpack at 67 x 67 x 186mm with a weight of weighs 400g.

Satechi Type-C Multi-Port Adapter

The Type-C Multi-Port Adapter from Satechi comes in three colours: Silver, Gold and Space Grey and gives your laptop or desktop an upgrade by providing you with a range of connection options whilst just utilising one of your Type-C USB ports. The 4K HDMI Video Output is used to view videos from your computer to a 4K monitor at 30hz, if the computer supports 4K you can watch crisp and clear high-resolution videos just by connecting an HDMI cable from your Multi-Port Adapter to a 4K monitor.

Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale

At my gym there is this rather intimidating machine that sits in the corner, it is the worst of all the machines in the gym and has the potential to make you sweat more than any other, this one will tell you your weight, BMI and fat mass! I have only ever seen one person on it, and that was a P.T. this is probably because no one wants to be weighed in a gym full of people, but I have always been curious about the result.

reMarkable Tablet and Marker Signature

The reMarkable Tablet isn’t your average tablet; it has hand selected the best bits from some of the big boys on the market and scaled things down into this minimalist and elegant device, paired with the Marker Signature and an attractive premium maple brown leather folio. A great example of both a successful Kickstarter project and a first generation, this tablet reproduces a paper-like response when sketching and taking notes whilst allowing you to save, share and edit later.

Reliefband 2.0

Long journeys can be unpleasant and boring experiences, but if you suffer from motion sickness they can be pure hell! The Reliefband 2.0 has been created to help treat the nausea caused by motion as well as sickness induced by chemotherapy, morning sickness and postoperative circumstances. This drug-free alternative uses clinically-proven technology to quickly and effectively relieve nausea, retching and vomiting, it comes with the band, charging cable and one 7.5 ml tube (0.25 oz) of hypoallergenic conductivity gel.