Soundfreaq’s most powerful Bluetooth speaker is the Sound Platform 2, designed with the intention of being the ultimate home stereo system, you can boost your listening experience by wirelessly pairing two speakers together to create a stereo sound experience. The Platform 2 comes with two USB power ports, which is great if you are using your phone to stream the music, you can ensure you don’t have to sacrifice your battery life to carry on the party. If you don’t have a smart device to hand you can always go old school by switching on the built-in FM radio that has clear digital tuning for easy listening to all your favourite channels. The speaker comes in one design – black – it isn’t going to win any beauty competitions, it has a boxy look with bits of grill and cut ins here and there, for something in this price bracket that wants pride of place in home it could certainly do with a more modern and stylish look. There is a little slide-out tray to stand your smartphone on whilst streaming or charging, however the plastic is rather flimsy and doesn’t hold it in a particularly sturdy fashion, it wouldn’t take much to knock it off whilst touching the screen.

The built-in rechargeable battery gives you 6 hours of wireless playtime, this isn’t particularly impressive, but it’s enough to move it from the living room to the garden for a BBQ or evening get together. There are buttons on the device which allows you to play and skip tracks without having to interact with your device, set up is easy with a one-touch pair button, Tone Control allows you to choose from three pre-sets: flat, warm and bright. The UQ3 Spatial enhancement feature expands stereo sound for a more immersive sound and the headphone jack means you can connect any device with a headphone jack with an audio cable. The Sound Platform 2 kicks out a hell of a sound, whilst ensuring the tone is well balanced even at top volumes, the bass is good but could be taken up a notch, just to satisfy those bass heads, however the mid and high tones are rich, detailed and full of life. If you are not too bothered about style or an abundance of features but simply looking for something to make some good quality noise in your house, the Sound Platform 2 could be just what you need. RRP £179

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Easily fills up a room

Loud, balanced sound

Dual System Streaming

Tone Control

Dual USB charging ports

UQ3 Spatial feature


No remote

Boring looking

Short battery life

Build quality could be improved in parts