The Addon T10 Generation 2 from Audio Pro is a rather striking wireless speaker - designed in either matte Black, White or Grey (we received the Grey version) and sporting a genuine leather handle with aluminium detailing. This simple yet attractive piece comes in at 166 x 320 x 180 mm, has a digital class D amplifier, 2x20W + 40W, 2 x ¾” textile dome tweeter and a 5.25” woofer. You can connect devices via the 3.5mm Aux or over Bluetooth standard V4.0. As a bonus, to make you appreciate the Addon T10 just a little bit more, it features a USB for charging smartphones or mp3 players which means you don’t have to worry about losing your tunes due to dying batteries.

On the top of the speaker is a streamline, metal button panel with standard controls and if you ever get bored of pressing these wonderfully tactile buttons, you can use the solid, colour-matching remote. Aesthetics will only get you so far, however; when it comes to a speaker the biggie is obviously going to be the sound quality. The first thing you will notice is the bass: the speaker could pull banging bass notes out of Stephens Fry’s Harry Potter audio-book, and what’s more it will also make your house vibrate, helping to blow the dust off all the shelves (hey, that’s one less chore to do!)

I wanted to love this speaker so much, but I felt it was like meeting a gorgeous person who’s the best fun on a night out, but when you try to talk to them the next day about real world events they just say “yeeerr, I don’t really care about politics”. If you can’t work out from my incredibly clear analogy, it means the bass kicks ass but the mid and high range get swallowed up in the process. It is still good - don’t get me wrong - but audiophiles won’t suffer those muffled vocals. RRP £250

4 out of 5

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Tasteful, stunning design


Banging Bass

USB device charger

Clear Bluetooth connection


Mid and High range get lost in the bass