Custom Design focus on speaker stands, HiFi furniture, HiFi supports, tables and stands. Basically, they know speakers, and any furniture you need to store, stand or integrate your speakers, they have you covered. The FS 104 Signature Range is no exception!

Custom Design describe their priorities as product design and service success. This is clear from the innovative design of the FS 104 Signature Range. These speaker stands are awesome! They have a very industrial look, available with a black or white central column, and then chrome or brushed chrome satellite columns. What’s really impressive is their height, both for look and, of course, the sound!

The central column of the FS 104 is made from ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel; between this and the four satellite columns around the corners of this stand, this is a totally rigid, solid support. Your speakers are going to be secure, and just as importantly, no sound is going to be absorbed and lost. The main column can be loaded with sand or Custom Design’s own Inert Filler to affect the sound quality. We’d highly recommend you do this – without inert filler in the central column, the sound quality from our speakers was fine, but after adding filler to the column, any unwanted resonance was absorbed, and the sound was impressively rich! Custom Design recommends two bags for the best result.

The acoustic top and base plates are just as carefully designed as the stand columns: laser precision cut but hand finished, these plates are designed to have a minimal impact on sound quality. The plates are made from 4mm steel and are available in different sizes (top plates: 165mm x 180mm, 150mm x 180mm or 190mm x 240mm. Base plates: 220mm x 260mm or 240mm x 320mm), to best suit your speakers and keep them secure. The overall stand itself is available at a height of either 510mm (20") or 610mm (24"), but custom heights are available on request. M8 Zinc Plated base isolation spikes are supplied with the FS 104 Signature Range as standard, but floor protectors cost extra.

All in all, these stands are extremely solid and steady, designed to remove anything that would absorb, dampen or hinder the quality of your sound. They allow your sound to play with clarity, with incredible bass and fantastic dynamics.

If you’re serious about sound quality, these speakers are worth checking out! They can take your sound experience to whole new levels. If you’re a casual hobbyist, these might be a bit pricey (even the optional floor protectors will set you back an additional £39.99 for a set of eight), but if you mean business, you should at least try these stands and see for yourself! RRP £209.99

Current Cheapest Price

4.8 out of 5

Incredible improvement on sound quality
Steady, secure base
Durable stands
Range of size and height options

Requires Inert Filler for optimum sound, which costs extra.
Floor protectors cost extra
Not many colour options