The tagline for these headphones is, “Be Entertained While Showing Courtesy to Others”, or translated it means, “Yes Dad, I know you don’t want to listen to Mum and I gossiping but that doesn’t mean you can whack the volume up on the TV every time I come around.”

More specifically they have been designed to allow you to hear the dialogue during a movie without the sound effects and moments of action waking up the entire house or aggravating your neighbours, they also allow you to watch something with colourful language without making the ears on young children bleed. These headphones have been specially designed to be used with your television, and feature low-latency, wireless connection, they feature high definition digital wireless technology which provides resistance to RF interference, no need for frequency adjustment and very little perceived static.

They come with an inoffensive docking station which not only provides a tidy little home for them, but provides a dedicated interface for charging, each full charge will then provide you with roughly 50 hours battery life. These headphones take an initial set up that is easy to accomplish, the design isn’t particularly attractive or cutting edge, but they are comfortable to wear, light weight with cotton ear cups and can be used within 10m from the tv, any further and you probably can’t see the tv screen anyway. You do not need to be isolated with these headphones as a second set can be paired from the same docking station, they connect and disconnect automatically when in range or removed from the docking station making it easy to grab and go. The sound quality is clear and sharp, the headphones are simple to use with an excellent battery life, can make the world of difference for people with who are hard of hearing and their family/neighbours. RRP £119.99

4.7 out of 5

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Easy to use

Good sound

50 hour battery life

Pair two headphones to one device

Docking station charger

Connects/disconnects automatically