The MH40’s are first and foremost, absolute show stoppers, even if you never use them it is a pleasure just to ogle them and hold them. These over-ear headphones are made with heavy grain premium cowhide headband, exterior surface and ear cup insets, with a soft lambskin on the headband, interior, and ear pads. The lambskin ear pads feature memory foam inside them for extra comfort, making them very soft against your skin, they also mould to your ears and are breathable to help prevent hot ears.

They are fully removable, so they can be cleaned or replaced. In the box you get the headphones, 3.5/6.3mm gold-plated adapter, 1.25m cable with remote & mic (iPod, iPad, & iPhone compatible), 2.00m standard woven cable with oxygen-free copper for the best possible sound, canvas headphone case, and a leather cable box. The ear cups are easily adjustable and swivel out to lay flat against your body if you where them around your neck, they are quite heavy at 360g for the pair, I didn’t really notice the weight whilst wearing them but when I took them off after an hour it felt like a relief.

The 45mm neodymium drivers provide a good sound, they get nice and loud, provide clean and even tones, the bass is good, but it won’t blow you away. You may find you become a hated figure on the commute if you’re likely to listen to your music at full volume, as these headphones will happily let it leak out and annoy all your fellow passengers. The Bluetooth connectivity is strong and stable, and we were getting about 16 hours of playtime per charge. The MH40 uses one button to control a variety of functions which keeps the design uncluttered but when you quickly want to change the volume it is too much of a hassle and I would rather see a dedicated volume button. If you are looking for luxurious headphones, look no further, they are striking because your money is going mainly into the design rather than the sound quality. Although the sound is good, don’t let that expensive price tag fool you into thinking they will satisfy a true audiophile. RRP £369

4 out of 5

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High end materials

Strong connectivity


Button system fiddly


Sound good but not mind blowing