There is nothing quite like music to motivate you on your workouts, people who manage to push themselves during a session with nothing but the sound of their own wheezing breath and pounding heartbeat in the ears are some sort of weirdos. The issue is that you may have some really good over-ear headphones already, but wires and bulky headgear are just not your friend in the gym, seriously try doing 10 burpees without them doing your head in. The Spirit wireless headphones are low-cost headphones designed for the gym; I have lost two sets of earphones (not to mention £250 sunglasses) at the gym so far as I am ridiculously forgetful, so the low price was a major bonus for me. Second was the SweatGuard waterproof protection that ensures the earphones are protected against sweat, water, and other liquids, with an IPX7 rating the second highest protection available allowing them to be temporally submersed in water for 30 minutes at 3 feet.

These earphones come with ergonomically-designed ear tips for a comfortable fit, as well as ear wings which hook into the outer ear to ensure a precise and secure fit no matter what mad exercise you are doing. The super-lightweight neckband can be instantly adjusted for a tidy finish and prevents it getting in the way or irritating the skin during your workout. The battery life offers 8 hours of continuous use, enough to get you through a week’s worth of workouts, there is passive noise cancellation thanks to the ear tips, it connects via Bluetooth 5.0 giving you roughly 12m depending on the surroundings, the three-button remote allows you to skip, pause and play tracks, adjust the volume and take phone calls, the microphone with cVc call noise reduction is built into this remote. The sound quality lacks a little bass and can kick out some harsh top notes at times, the mid tones are reasonable, and the overall sound quality is acceptable, it isn’t going to blow you away but its enough to keep you motivated during a session. The carry case is cheap, but if you are anything like me you will never remember to use it anyway, the best thing about these headphones is that they are so lightweight and comfortable, you can easily wear them all day without any discomfort. The Spirit headphones are a great choice if you are looking for wireless earphones with a priority of low cost and comfort over super high-quality audio. RRP £27.99

Current Cheapest Price

3.5 out of 5


Super comfortable

Easy to use

Good value for money

Inline remote


SweatGuard feature (IPX7)

Acceptable sound quality

Ear wings tips


Lacks bass

Harsh high tones at times

Cheap carry case