The Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth are quite beautiful to behold - available in 5 stylish colours: True White, Tomato, Dark Grey, Black and Indigo (by far my favourite colour and the sample we received), this minimalist design isn’t just a pretty package but also comes with 30+ hours of wireless playtime from a single charge. The on-ear cups are the perfect size to fit the ear comfortably without feeling bulky or leaving you looking like an air traffic controller (they only weigh 145g and we didn’t experience any fatigue or pressure points whilst wearing them for long periods of time).

The Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth feature a collapsible design that allows the ear cups to fold into the headband, making them both compact and portable. Even the box they arrived in is tiny! Sadly the headphones don’t come with a carry bag or travel case. They are compatible with all devices and connect via Bluetooth, which produces strong connectivity up to 10meters in range. I had to resort to the instructions to work out how to connect them - there is a tiny light indicator that lets you know what mode it’s in, which would be clearer even if it was only slightly bigger. Either that or it’s just my dodgy eyesight. The cables included with corded texture looks and feels high quality and durable as well as being colour matched to the headphones.

One issue I had with the design was the headband: the padding doesn’t seem connected to the actual band and the two pieces move about inside the outer material. This might not be a major issue, but certainly reduces the impression of quality. In keeping with the stripped-back design, the Plattan 2 has a control knob similar to the toggle controller you would find on an Xbox controller. This does take a little getting used to, but once you have learnt the directions it is quick, straight forward and responsive - you can even use it to answer your calls.

That brings me to the most important thing: the sounds quality. The Plattan 2 uses two 40mm handmade drivers and supplies an audio sensitivity of 106dB SPL, creating a well-balanced sound. It’s not perfect - the top notes could have a better clarity and the bass could be punchier - but it is good enough for most types of music. There is an extra cool feature the Plattan 2 has to offer: the ZoundPlug. This little port allows your friends to plug into your headphones and share your music. If you all have Plattan 2 headphones you can even create a daisy chain of shared music…just remember that you are all attached before one of you tries to wander off!

Overall, I was impressed with the Urbanears Plattan 2 - they look beautiful, fold away into a compact piece and provide a good sound quality: the kind you would expect to find in this price range. RRP £85

4.5 out of 5

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Stylish design


Foldable design



Good sound quality


No carry case

Head band seems detached on the inside