If you always like to have your music close to hand (or close to ear), the Milan from Urbanista could be your ideal earbuds, with a wearable neck back it means you can enjoy the freedom of wireless music without the risk of losing your earbuds when you take them out for one of those unfortunately necessary human interactions that social media and self-service checkouts have yet to eliminate.

The neckband has a thin, flexible design with a curved shape which remains discreet and has the option of being tucked away under you collar out of sight, the earpieces have been shaped for an ergonomic fit and proved comfortable to wear for long periods of time, they remained snug even when put through their paces at the gym. The neckband has a built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume, pause, play and skip tracks, and the microphone permits you to take handsfree phone calls, the buttons are obviously out of your field of view, but the embossed symbols make them easy enough to distinguish however, we did find the on/off difficult to press.

Pairing up to the Smart device was straightforward, the Milan is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, it uses Bluetooth 4.2 to transmit your tunes and offers and expectable range. The battery takes about 2.5hours for a full charge and this with give you about 15hours playtime with the Ambient Noise Control (ANC) switched off but when switched on it reduces your battery time to less than half with only 7 hours playtime. So, what about the sound? We found it more than satisfactory with clear and crisp mid and top notes and a juicy bass, the ANC also proved a high performing feature which lets you block out the worlds and reduces sound leakage. The Milan are a good choice of in-ear headphones with good sound quality, comfortable all-day wear and function noise ambient noise control if only that battery lasted a little longer when it was activated. RRP £119.99

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4 out of 5


Good sound quality

High performing ANC

Flexible and discreet neckband

Comfortable and snug fit

Built-in remote and microphone

lightweight 34g

Nice and compact charging case


ANC significantly reduces battery life

On/off button hard to press